Baron’s Ambition Roll Guide

For those of you who are lucky enough to pick one up during the Nightfall this week, use this guide to find out what perks you should be looking for.

Baron’s Ambition is in the mid-Impact archetype, so all barrel perks which increase Impact, decrease the time-to-kill, both for critical shots (4 shots, 0.40s) and body (5 shots, o.50s).

  • Pros: High Range. Above average Stability.
  • Cons: Average Reload Speed, Mag Size, and Aim Assist.
  • Time-to-Kill: 0.53 (5 crit shots), 0.66s (6 body shots)
  • Rate of Fire: 77
  • Impact: 37 (49 damage per crit shot, 39 damage per body shot)
  • Range: 26
  • Stability: 50

Recommended Perks

  • Column 1 – Accurized Ballistics/Linear Compensator, Field Choke, Aggressive Ballistics
  • Column 2 – Counterbalance/Life Support, Spray and Pray, Eye of the Storm, Hip Fire, Danger Close, Surrounded
  • Column 3 – Perfect Balance, Rifled Barrel, Speed Reload, Fitted Stock, High Caliber Rounds, Quickdraw
  • Column 4 – Hidden Hand/Crowd Control/Rangefinder/Feeding Frenzy, Grenadier, Army of One, Hot Swap, Persistence

The perks are listed in order of most to least recommended, in my opinion. The only barrel perks you should even look at are the ones that increase impact, as they all drop the TtK down for PvP. If you get Accurized Ballistics, you’ll want Counterbalance to stabilize the sideways movement of the recoil. If you get Linear Comp, which helps with the sideways movement, then Life Support is the best choice in column 2.

Perfect Balance is the best choice in column 3, but Rifled Barrel and Speed Reload both are very good options. In the last column, there are four excellent perks to choose from, and many other useful ones. The only reason Persistence is not higher in column 4 is that, in PvP, you probably shouldn’t be sustaining fire long enough for it to really come into play. Try to avoid decreasing range, if you can help it, as this will allow the gun to maintain optimal time-to-kill at longer distances. The gun doesn’t have a high reload speed, so if you don’t have perks that help it, you’ll want to be careful to time your reloads when you know you’re safe.