bannerfall callouts

Bannerfall Trials Tips

Choke Points

This can be an exceptionally hard map to push a team camping in certain areas if you are unaware of the positions they are covering, or can’t get multiple sightlines through the choke points

Remember to use these positions to your advantage when facing an aggressive team, leading them through these points and using grenades to halt or split them up and wound them. You can also guarantee that at some point you will be sniping, or sniped at, through one of these chokepoints.

choke points and sniping lanes



This map is a great sniping map, with seemingly impossible angles, and a ton of different ones to approach, counter snipe and ultimately, take people’s heads off from. Some of these lanes, including lesser known but highly recommended* ones, are below.

On this map it is best to spread out, don’t all push the same sniping lane and definitely don’t challenge from the same zone sniping, and this will keep your enemy guessing and their heads on a swivel looking out for your snipes. If you had an enemy team completely outgunned, and swapped your positioning every game, they generally had to resort to camping in their spawn, or waiting for you to push outside for flag and sniping you there.

Generally less confident snipers should avoid jumping up onto Perch to challenge snipes, as this would lead to difficult orb locations for revives, and ultimately a round loss as you struggled to revive them. Another sniping lane to avoid for less confident snipers is straight down Center Lane which was a common mistake for most, as you can be flanked out to end of Mohawk as you tried for revives.

All of these below are identical spots and angles because this is a symmetrical map.

Sniper lanes:

  • Balcony to Alley *
  • Tree and Mohawk to B and Inside Heavy
  • Tree through Tunnel into Street *
  • Straight down Center lane from either end
  • Perch to Perch
  • Below Perch through the doors and up high to snipe the other side’s Perch *



This map was all about the angles, as I stated above; flanking worked the same way, but you had to be careful as you will nearly always be on someone’s radar. Flanking would require a lot of distraction from your teammates to pull off, rather than pulling out far far wide to catch them off guard and off their radar.

Sending one person out to Alley while 2 others push Center Lane was a great distraction where the enemy would try to get different angles on Center Lane and leave themselves exposed to snipes or flanks with longer range primaries from Alley.

Another technique included pushing a couple out to Mohawk in cover, while a teammate would push straight through Inside Heavy / B and could catch opponents from behind who would rush out to try and meet your two teammates at Mohawk.