Weekly Update 11.19.15 (More Exotics)

Published on: Nov 19, 2015 @ 19:09

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Bringing Balance

If you like reading Patch Notes or experiencing the changes they bring to the game, your next destination is the December Update. It will come labeled with one o’ them fancy numbers, but the nickname suggests you can expect it to arrive (wait for it) in December! We’re packing this digital parcel with things that have been on some of your wishlists.

Remember when Senior Design Lead Sage Merrill pledged “regular sandbox updates” in Year Two? There is a lot under their microscope right now: The weapons you carry. The energies you wield. Knowing the peaks and valleys that mark the landscape of the Destiny Sandbox requires a journey that spans endless playtests and data reports. It is a journey that never ends.

Today, we’re going to learn what Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski thinks of the current state of weapon balance, and what he’ll be doing to change it in December. Check out this preview of the philosophies that are guiding our hands on the workbench.

This is not the last you’ll hear from the Design Team before December. Sage has been thinking a lot about Titans, and he’ll share some thoughts on the matter before the update goes live. We might even learn more about promises to create a use for those vast stores of Etheric Light and Wormspore.

Keep those wishlists lively, because we read them, be you naughty or nice.


Exotic Insta-Grams

Coming soon to a collections station near you: More Exotics!

We’re infusing loot tables with some more gold to mine from your action. Two of them are exclusive to Year Two. Others are weapons and armor from Year One that have been upgraded to keep pace with your Level 40 character. A couple of those Year One reprisals might even have some new surprises tucked away in their talent trees.

You’ll start earning them in the places where Exotics get earned after we deploy the December Update. They might also appear in your Kiosk, if you’ve earned the right to spend Marks on them. If you want to see which ones have been chosen, we’ll be decrypting images of them where images thrive: Instagram.

Follow https://instagram.com/destinythegame and wait for the parade of reveals. Signs point to tomorrow.


Show ‘Em the Ropes

Last week, Cozmo foretold of a new program to honor and reward the Sherpas among us. I’m back to tell you it’s all true!

The Holiday season is rolling in like a cold-weather front. With it, many Kinderguardians will join us in the Tower to find shelter from the cold of winter – and, just maybe, the friendship needed to survive a Quest. Take one under your mighty wing of Light and we’ll reward your mentorship.

Refer-A-Friend begins on Monday, November 23rd

You may have a new ally (with shiny new disc in hand) that’s waiting for you to link to them and begin the journey. Perhaps your friend is waiting for a holiday sale scheduled for Black Friday. No matter when you find the time to be right, there will be a new page on Bungie.net that will reveal everything you need to link up and start progressing together.