Asylum Trials Tips

Asylum has been one of the fastest paced trials maps so far. Many encounters come down to gunskill alone and there are just a couple of doorways separating the spawns.

asylum trials callouts


Asylum Tips

Choke Points

Doorways are everywhere, each one of them providing the opportunity to pinch the enemy, or cut them off with grenades. This worked from both sides, giving both teams an opportunity to close enemies out of B flag and defend that area.

asylum choke points

My team found rushing and pushing into B flag was the quickest way to shut down and demoralise an enemy team; grenading the doorways and stopping a push into that zone and taking a couple of the enemy down in the process.

Pushing into this area, however, was tough against an enemy with the same idea as you. In a scenario like this, splitting your resources and making use of both ‘B Windows’ to jump and push in from an unexpected angle allowed you to surprise and flank most teams.

Sniping Lanes

With a map as small and fast paced as this, it took less than 5 seconds to come scope to scope with another sniper. This map rewarded a quick, dab-hand with a sniper rifle, with short ranges and a few awkward head-glitches at stairways and in Atrium.


  • ‘C Jungle’ to ‘A Jungle’.
  • ‘C Lobby’ into ‘A Lobby’ and B area in General.
  • ‘C side Atrium’ to ‘A side Atrium’.

Shotgun Rushes

Pushing with a shotgun was incredible for a fast paced team with quick reactions. You could pounce in from different angles into B flag area and ‘Basement’ and shut out even the most skilled teams from the flag area and hold it down.

Team cohesion was key with these types of tactics though, supporting teammates and all pouncing at the same time to overwhelm and rush the enemy, prevent revives and claim the close quarter A/B/C Lobbies for your own.

Once a shotgun team had control of the top area, it was difficult and frustrating to knock them out of it. These matches tended to lead to a lot of longer games, where I was being careful not to get rushed and normally ended with a super battle at the B flag point during overtime.

Orb Control

Due to the close quarter nature of the map, once you had an enemy down you should immediately be pushing onto that orb to deny the res. On the off chance they would rush for the rest, it ended up in revival and kill carnage but 99% of teams would retreat when pushed and give up their teammate.

Choosing to try and revive snipe or to rush was an instant decision, and you had to ask yourself ‘Can I get to that orb before they can? Or should I stay here and ensure they cannot get that revive?’. If that decision wasn’t made, or you hesitated or delayed your response, they would almost definitely get the revive, or you were in a bad position to assist.