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Art of Destiny Winners

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in our latest giveaway! We got a lot of entries, and thanks to Insight Editions, they’ll be sending out the prizes to our lucky winners.


The Art of Destiny

Site user Dane McClellan

Destiny Hardcover Blank Journal

Twitter user jthom

Destiny: The Poster Collection

YT users:

  • Nehemiah Yeboah
  • DaniM ^^
  • midnight1690
  • Dustin Barrs
  • Scot Raymond
  • Barefeet Retreat
  • Renato Demarco
  • killbuzzer
  • CapperDC
  • seth44
  • Piers Crane
  • SomethingFormal
  • Tyler Patterson
  • Lothirawen
  • Ganron Skykin
  • Ciri Fett
  • suudyboyy
  • Monkey Sea Mist
  • Dyecarttlers
  • DirtyKapper3

Congrats guys! Please send [email protected] an email to sort out the shipping address and all that good stuff.


Signing Event

Insight Editions will also be hosting a Destiny Signing Event at Emerald City Comicon coming up! Bungie’s concept artists and animators will be at booth #1404 signing autographs and talking with fans, so be sure to check that out.

bungie signing