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Armsday Weapon Perk Recommendations

Incoming Shipments

#1 or #3 – SUROS PDX-41 | Pulse Rifle

  • Hammer Forged, Spray and Play, Lightweight/Hand-Laid Stock
  • Perfect Balance, Icarus, Smallbore

For PvE, Rank #1 is an easy choice because of Spray and Play’s reload bonus. This reload speed will allow you to do faster damage to bosses and clear out enemies quicker. Hand-Laid stock drastically increases stability, and Hammer Forged can compensate for the range you lose in return. If you want maximum range, use Lightweight instead for extra maneuverability.

Rank #3 looks like the best we can get this week for PvP, but that means settling for Icarus. Sure, increased airborne accuracy can be a situationally useful perk in the Crucible, but there are better things out there like Counterbalance or Hidden Hand. Perfect Balance and Smallbore are the main attractions here, increasing the gun’s already solid base stability and range to highly competitive levels. We’d recommend you wait until next week for a perfect roll for PvP, because this roll falls just short.

Any – Strongbow-D | Shotgun

  • Crowd Control, Relentless Tracker, Flared Magwell/Perfect Balance/Hand-Laid Stock
  • Danger Close, Battle Runner, Lightweight
  • Army of One, Battle Runner, Lightweight

Considering how low the gun’s base range and impact are in general, it’s best to avoid this gun this week if you want to use it in PvP.

Rank #2 & #3 are good for hit and run tactics, especially useful in PvE. Battle Runner and Lightweight will speed you up for when you need to get away, and when you’re surrounded by ads, Danger Close will help you reload faster. This is definitely a PvE-only roll, because you’ll have to get super close to your enemies to deal maximum damage. If you still don’t like the idea of this gun without range buffs, wait until next week and hope for either Rangefinder or something like Rifled Barrel.

#2 – SUROS JLB-47 | Rocket Launcher

  • Heavy Payload/Speed Reload, Spray and Play, Lightweight

We’d recommend you keep your package this week and not pick up your order just yet. None of the options are good, and this launcher has huge potential with the right roll. Next week, look for either Tracking or Grenades and Horseshoes so that you have an easier time staying on target in both PvE and PvP.

If you absolutely insist on picking up a roll right now, Rank #2 avoids the terrible Vacuum perk that dooms Rank #1 and Rank #3 with Spray and Play. While Spray and Play is nice for boosting your DPS with reload speed, it doesn’t help you with aiming as much as Tracking or Grenades and Horseshoes would. Other than that, you can choose between blast radius or reload speed with Heavy Payload or Speed Reload. Lightweight, as always, gives a slight boost to agility to compensate for the speed you lose when wielding a heavy weapon.

#1 – SUROS JLB-42 | Rocket Launcher

  • Heavy Payload/Speed Reload, Tracking, Lightweight

This rocket launcher has tracking, which sets it apart from any of the other rolls available this week for both the JLB-42 and JLB-47. Heavy Payload maxes out blast radius, but Speed Reload can be the difference between a win and a wipe in PvE. With Lightweight, you’re only getting a slight agility increase, but it’s definitely a better option than Perfect Balance. With this launcher’s void damage, you’ll have another way to take out the shields of Taken Wizards in this week’s Nightfall.

#1 or #3 – Tamar-D | Sniper Rifle

  • Surplus, Spray and Play, Explosive Rounds/Quickdraw (Arc)
  • Surplus, Spray and Play, Explosive Rounds/Quickdraw (Void)

Rank #1 and #3 are basically identical. Surplus is a hard-to-find perk that makes ammo scarcity a thing of the past in PvE, and Spray and Play is the gold standard for sniper rifle boss DPS. Explosive Rounds can be fun and useful in certain situations, but Quickdraw boosts handling for faster snipes in high-speed encounters.

Rank #1 comes with Arc damage, a long-range scope and a standard scope, while Rank #3 comes with Void damage, a low-zoom scope and a standard scope. Ultimately, these are the differences that you should base your pick on, but either way, this roll is going to be a beast in PvE.

Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Zarinaea-D Auto Rifle Medium Stability (60)
Lyudmila-D Pulse Rifle High Range (63)
Jingukogo-D Shotgun Medium Stability (56)
Aoife Rua-D Sniper Medium Range (78)
Uzume RR4 Sniper Low Reload (75)


The Zarinaea-D is a Monte Carlo archetype auto rifle with above-average base stability, range and reload speed. There are a lot of options for improvement because of its solid stats and medium rate of fire, so next week, we’ll be looking for whatever we can get to make this gun better for both PvE and PvP.


Hakke pulse rifles have taken a hit in recent balancing updates, but this is still Hakke’s highest impact model. With a solid roll, this gun can still do some work in PvP as a legendary primary. It has base range of 63 and stability of 54, so we’ll want to preserve the range while increasing stability to laser-like levels, and a reload perk like Feeding Frenzy would be icing on the cake. Counterbalance is going to be the key, as Hakke Pulse Rifles have an awkward recoil pattern that needs to be corrected for maximum accuracy.


Despite being named differently than the Strongbow-D Shotgun, the Jingukogo-D is the exact same as the Strongbow-D besides having 2 more reload speed. Talk about variety. Basically, this shotgun is a low-impact, high rate of fire archetype that won’t be preferred in PvP but can work in PvE. We’ll look to see if there are any interesting rolls next week regardless, as certain perks like Spray and Play can make shotguns much more viable in PvE.

Aoife Rua-D

The Aoife Rua-D is almost an exact clone as last week’s Tamar-D with equivalent Impact to the Low-Grade Humility and Patience and Time. As always, if you like sniping in PvE, order one of these! Hakke snipers can roll with Surplus, which really helps with ammo scarcity in PvE. Hopefully we see some more Surplus/Spray and Play combinations, but maybe next week we’ll get some perks for stability!

Uzume RR4

This Sniper Rifle shares the impact/RoF class of the Eye of Sol, but it packs way more base stability at 58. In non-revive game modes, this is a great option for getting quick headshots or double tapping for body shot kills. We’ll be looking for something like Triple Tap or Zen Moment for PvE while hoping for a Faucon SS1 low-zoom scope for PvP.