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Armsday Weapon Recommendations (Dec 23-27)

Published on: Dec 23, 2015 @ 07:26

Incoming Shipments

#2 – Arminius-D | Auto Rifle

  • Crowd Control, Rangefinder, Smallbore/Fitted Stock

This gun desperately needs range, and Rangefinder+Smallbore is a good combination for bringing up range past sneezing distance. Despite Bungie’s databases listing the gun’s magazine size as 48, the actual magazine size is 72, so Smallbore is a no-guilt boost here. Crowd Control is great for PvE and situationally effective in PvP, so it isn’t a bad choice here.

After some field-testing with the Arminius-D, we’ve determined that you may want to hold on to a package until you get Counterbalance, as without this perk, the gun really struggles to stay on target in high-stakes content.

#2 or #3 – Uffern HC4 | Hand Cannon

  • Luck in the Chamber, Lightweight/Rifled Barrel, Firefly
  • Luck in the Chamber, Lightweight, Outlaw

These are two great rolls, and there’s not much difference between them. Choose Rank #3 if you really love reload speed, as Outlaw is always king for trash clearing in PvE. If you prefer the area of effect from Firefly or you want to get more competitive range for Crucible, check out Rank #2’s roll. Rifled Barrel is a hindrance to reload speed, but some may argue that range is becoming king in the Crucible for Hand Cannons. Luck in the Chamber is the gold on both rolls, increasing this gun’s damage potential in PvP and helping take out majors in PvE. Lightweight on either roll offers only a vague boost to agility, but overall, the focus should be on Luck in the Chamber plus the awesomeness of Outlaw or Firefly.

#1 or #3 – Herja-D | Pulse Rifle

  • Crowd Control, Rangefinder, Hand Loaded
  • Headseeker, Feeding Frenzy, Hand-Laid Stock

Rank #3 is made for PvE. Headseeker gives you more damage potential on bosses and majors while Feeding Frenzy rewards kills on lower-tier enemies. Hand-Laid Stock makes this gun a laser, but with the range decrease, we can’t fully back this roll for PvP. Meanwhile, Rank #1 fixes our range problem with Rangefinder and Hand Loaded. Crowd Control is a situational perk that can help you chain kills, and the LCD Ranged Scope will help you get kills from insane distances.

#1 or #2 – Uzume RR4 | Sniper Rifle

  • Performance Bonus, Snapshot, Replenish
  • Performance Bonus, Quickdraw, Zen Moment

Although this sniper can’t kill off of a revive in the Crucible, Rank #1’s build can keep your ammo counts high in non-revive game modes. Replenish is a deceptively good perk when special ammo crates run dry in the Crucible, and Performance Bonus can save you a few bullets as well. Snapshot really helps for quick aiming, although without a low-zoom scope, you’ll have to keep your distance.

Rank #2 is decent in PvE with Zen Moment. The Uzume already has decent stability, but with Zen Moment, you’ll really be able to take out the trash and cut down on lower-tier enemies with ease. Performance Bonus helps with ammo scarcity, and Quickdraw may be the difference between a wipe and success in time-intensive encounters. With solar damage, look to use this sniper on pesky Taken Captains in strikes and daily missions.

#2 or #3 – Eirene RR4 | Sniper Rifle

  • Outlaw, Quickdraw, Unflinching
  • Outlaw, Single-Point Sling, Zen Moment

We’ve got rolls for PvE AND PvP this week. With Rank #2, Unflinching and Quickdraw provide benefits for quick decision-making and returning fire in the Crucible. Outlaw isn’t actually too bad here, as getting your full clip back after a precision shot can get you ready faster for a follow up shot to your next assailant. The Faucon SS1 is the gold standard for Omolon snipers with low zoom and improved handling.

Rank #3 is for the PvE crowd. Zen Moment and Outlaw are fantastic for PvE and give you great coverage. Want to lay a clip into a boss? Zen Moment helps you stay on target. Want to take out a major and quickly move on to the next? Outlaw boost reload to insane levels after precision kills. Single-Point Sling isn’t the best perk in the world, but it could save your life in a tough situation with a bit more speed when changing guns. It’s got void damage, so you can definitely get some use out of it in this week’s Nightfall. The Undying Mind strike contains void-shielded Taken Wizards and Vex Minotaurs. Fire away!


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Judith-D Hand Cannon High Range (41)
Kumakatok HC4 Hand Cannon Medium-High Stability (60)
Herja-D Pulse Rifle Medium Stability (72)
Strongbow-D Shotgun Medium-Low Stability (56)
Tamar-D Sniper Low AA (65)

Judith-D | Hand Cannon

Hakke Hand Cannons are hard to come by, so why not place an order this week? As for the archetype here, we’re looking at the highest impact class, similar to a Timur’s Lash. It’s also got relatively high Aim Assistance at 60. However, the gun will be coming in with base 17 stability, 26 reload speed and a clip size of 7, so there are a lot of deficiencies that perks will need to fix.

Kumakatok HC4 | Hand Cannon

This is a Down and Doubt 00-0 clone. It has a unique low-impact archetype with decent stability and great aim assistance. Without a range buff, this gun’s 15 range may only be good enough for low-stakes PvE. However, Omolon offers us plenty of chances for Firefly and Triple Tap, so this gun could definitely shine in Strikes and questing situations.

Herja-D | Pulse Rifle

The Herja-D has the impact archetype of the Vanguard’s Apple of Discord. It comes in with a fantastic 72 stability and 68 reload speed, so next week, we’ll be looking for Counterbalance to correct the awkward Hakke recoil pattern, some more range and possibly more stability to make it a laser in PvE and PvP.

Strongbow-D | Shotgun

This shotgun is no different than the Dead Orbit’s Patch-A, the Crucible Quartermaster’s The Next Big Thing or the test shotguns we’ve been using week to week. This shotgun is a low-impact, high rate of fire archetype that won’t be preferred in PvP but can work in PvE.

Tamar-D | Sniper Rifle

Ever heard of the Aoife Rua-D Sniper Rifle? This is basically the exact same thing. Why are they different guns? We don’t know. The two guns have an average of 2 or so points of difference in each stat, and they have the same impact class, so they’re basically the same gun. Puzzling.

Basically a clone of Aoife Rua-D, Tamar shares the same Impact as the Low-Grade Humility and Patience and Time. However, with a base stability of 36, you best be aiming for headshots and not double-taps. If you like sniping in PvE, order one of these! Hakke snipers can roll with Surplus, which really helps with ammo scarcity in PvE. Hakke’s scopes are a bit different than the ones offered by the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters, so you may have to adapt to use this gun in high-stakes PvP.