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Armsday Weapon Recommendations

Published on: Oct 21, 2015 @ 09:26

Contributing Author: Bones

Let us know what you’re picking up for Armsday! What rolls look most appealing to your playstyle?


Incoming Shipments

#1 or #3 – Zarinaea-D| Auto Rifle

Great base stats: base stability of 60, reload speed of 65, and a comfortable aim assist value of 60. You’ve got to go with the third choice – with Rangefinder and Smallbore, you’ll be breaking the barrier set on auto rifles and getting kills before they even get close.

  • Rank 1: Army of One, Rodeo, and Braced Frame/High Caliber Rounds/Hand Loaded
  • Rank 3: Army of One, Rangefinder, and Snapshot/Fitted Stock/Smallbore

This gun already has awesome stability, so range buffs will be needed before we bring it into PvP. Roll #3 offers Rangefinder and Smallbore, shoring up the gun’s lackluster range and adding a bit of stability at the cost of only three bullets in the magazine. Plus, Army of One can help get your ability cooldowns back in PvP and PvE.

#2 or #3 – Tuonela SR4 | Scout Rifle

The Tuonela falls into the most common category of scout rifles. The major draw of the Omolon weapons comes from their liquid sound and smooth feel. If that appeals to you then the SR4 is worth a shot. 

  • Rank 2: Army of One/Exhumed, Quickdraw/Feather Mag and Triple Tap.
  • Rank 3: Single Point Sling/Casket Mag and Eye of the Storm.

Neither option is great, but with the third roll, players with low health will find themselves with a more accurate weapon that gives ammo back. High risk, high reward!

Waiting another week allows you to choose from three new perk sets, and given average rolls, just wait and hope for better next week.

#2 – SUROS JLB-47 | Rocket Launcher

Yikes. There really isn’t much to see here either. Other than Rank 2’s Flared Magwell and Tripod offering, there aren’t any perks that stand out here. Considering last week’s choices included Grenades and Horseshoes as well as Javelin, this week is a letdown. Wait until next week for a different roll or choosing Rank 2 for the convenience of 3 rockets per reload and Lightweight.

The JLB-47 has a great blast radius and solid velocity with clean sights that reduce obstruction of vision. If you’re in desperate need of Solar Rocket Launcher, option #2 is your best bet; more rockets is always helpful.

#2 or #3 – Strongbow-D | Shotgun

Low-range, high rate of fire shotgun. As we know, high Impact Shotguns currently dominate the Crucible, so the Strongbow won’t do much work against the Party Crasher +1 andConspiracy Theory-D‘s out there.

Either the second choice with Danger Close (increased reload/handling when 2+ enemies are near) or the third option with Spray & Play for constant mob control in PvE activities. All of them come with Flared Magwell.

Rank 1 and Rank 2’s rolls include Rangefinder, but Rank #3’s roll looks to be the most useful in PvE. Rangefinder is perfect for PvP. 

  • Rank 2: Danger Close, Rangerfinder, and Rifled Barrel
  • Rank 3: Final Round, Spray & Play, and Rifled Barrel 

If you absolutely need something to use in PvP, Rank #2’s roll has Linear Compensator for a bit more Range and Impact, Danger Close for when you’re outnumbered, Rangefinder for a small range buff and Rifled Barrel for even more range.

#3 is better suited for PvE encounters. Spray and Play can reload your magazine as fast as you emptied it to finish off that pesky Major, Final Round to finish him off.

#2 or #3 – Aoife RUA-D | Sniper Rifle

The Hakke sniper this week comes with two interesting stats: aim assist at 60, and Range that tops the charts. Range is everything if you’re looking for accurate shots, so the RUA-D with its low-zoom scope will be good to go.

  • Rank 2: Surplus, Spray & Play and Perfect Balance/Quickdraw
  • Rank 3: Private Eye, Who’s Next? and High Caliber Rounds/Snapshot


What to Order Next Week?

The perks next week may be different than the ones offered this week, so get a feel for the RoF/Impact model that you feel most comfortable with.

Arminius-D | Auto Rifle

This is a new offering which is nothing to get terribly excited about. Think of a Nechrochasm or Atheon’s Epilogue but with low base stability and high base reload speed. There aren’t too many perks that can make these bullet hoses desirable, but we’ll see next week if there are enough perks offered to shore up the stability while providing some use in either PvE or PvP.

SUROS DIS-43 | Scout Rifle

This Scout Rifle falls in a Vision of Confluence archetype, and with a magazine size of 19, it should be great for PvE despite its stability issues (base 48). With its high range, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a situation where this Scout Rifle isn’t hitting for full damage.

Judith-D | Hand Cannon

I’ll order this simply because Hakke HC’s are sort of hard to come by. Its archetype is similar to Timur’s Lash – it’s got the max Impact, also tied with The First Curse . However, the gun will be coming in with base 17 stability, 26 reload speed and a clip size of 7, so there are a lot of deficiencies that perks will need to fix.

Uffern HC4 | Hand Cannon

This Omolon handcannon, along with The Vanity from the Future War Cult, has a unique Impact archetype, falling right below the highest but still higher than the Hawkmoon and Fatebringer. The gun will probably look and feel nice due to Omolon’s design and the base stability of 70, but that Range… it’s a few points from bad. Hopefully there will a Range perk offered.

Lyudmila-D | Pulse Rifle

Order this! With a solid roll, this gun can be the next best thing to an Exotic primary in PvP. The Range is very high and the stability is low, so we’ll want to preserve the range while finding a perk that increases stability as much as possible. A reload perk like Feeding Frenzy would be icing on the cake!