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Armsday Roll Recommendations

Contributing Author: Alex R.

#2? – Arminius-D

  1. Surrounded – Rodeo – Single Point Sling/Speed Reload/ Braced Frame
  2. Relentless Tracker – Focused Fire – High Caliber/Hand loaded/Rifled Barrel
  3. Hot Swap – Spray and Play – High Caliber/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel

Each roll as something decent, but none of these are perfect. Let’s be honest; at this point, we’re looking for perfect guns. Wait until we get Counterbalance and hope that it’s paired with range boosters and potentially Hot Swap.

#2 or #3 – Zarinaea-D

  1. Crowd Control, Focused Fire, High Caliber Rounds | Fitted Stock | Rifled Barrel
  2. Army of One, Spray and Play, Single Point Sling | Hand Loaded | Braced Frame
  3. Crowd Control, Counterbalance, Snapshot | Hand Loaded | Smallbore

This roll is too good for PvE to pass up! Army of One is great for resetting your grenade and melee cooldowns, which will help you deal damage to enemies and bosses while also allowing you to access the benefits of various melee perks. Spray and Play makes it easier on you when you get these kills, speeding up your reloads so you can get to the next enemy faster. Hand-Loaded is just a small bonus to range, but for a medium range Auto Rifle, any boost to range is much appreciated.

Roll 3 is an easy PvP choice. Crowd Control + near-perfect Stability from Counterbalance and Smallbore (and that extra Range, too!) make this a very deadly machine. Use it!

#2 or #3 – SUROS DIS-47

  1. High Caliber Rounds / Oiled Frame – Hidden Hand – Single Point Sling / Injection Mold
  2. Hammer Forged / Casket Mag – Full Auto – Single Point Sling / Rifled Barrel
  3. Hammer Forged / Appended Magazine – Spray and Play – Snapshot / Injection Mold

If you know anything about the DIS-47, there isn’t much more that needs to be said for this roll. The range boosts from Hammer Forged and Rifled Barrel will ensure every engagement is close enough in PvP.

Hammer Forged and SPO-28 help us keep those headshots coming, and then you have your choice of Snapshot or Injection Mold. Personally, I find the recoil here minimal, but if you want to cut it down even further, you have that choice. Spray and Play rounds the weapon out by encouraging you to fire every last bullet and minimize the reflexive reloads that sometimes gets us in trouble when more enemies show up unexpectedly.

#1 or #3 – Cocytus SR4

  1. Icarus / Extended Mag, Smallbore / Third Eye, Eye of the Storm
  2. Replenish / Quickdraw, Feather Mag / Third Eye, Exhumed
  3. Life Support / Snapshot, Braced Frame/ Zen Moment, Exhumed

The Cocytus’s perk pool skews results towards PvE rolls, and this week is no exception. Rank #3’s roll offers the safety of Life Support with the convenience of Zen Moment to make for a decent quality high-impact PvE Scout Rifle. Go for Snapshot instead of Smallbore, because with a magazine size as low as 13, you don’t want to be making things worse when it comes to reloading.

#2 – Uzume RR4

  1. Luck in the Chamber – Quickdraw / Reinforced Barrel – Life Support / Last Resort
  2. Firefly – Quickdraw / Injection Mold – Unflinching / Underdog
  3. Firefly – Quickdraw / Hand-Laid Stock – Life Support / Last Resort

Roll 2 gives us ¾ of the best PVP perks Omolon has to offer a sniper (a short list, to be honest), so I think it’s an easy pick. Firefly won’t do much for you, but you might occasionally catch someone with it. The low zoom Faucon scope, Quickdraw’s huge handling bonus, and Unflinching make this a pretty solid sniper for the anti-Aim Assist crowd.


Notable Rolls from Other Weapons

#1 – SUROS JLB-47

  • Heavy Payload / Speed Reload – Tracking – Javelin / Lightweight

Tracking, more Blast Radius, and more Velocity – can’t argue with that!

#2 – SUROS JLB-42

  • Heavy payload / Flared Magwell – Grenades & Horseshoes – Javelin / Quickdraw

I only say things so I can immediately contradict them! Here’s a great argument against that last roll: Why not get all the same great explosions, but with proximity detonation instead of tracking?

#1 – Uffern HC4

  • Luck in the Chamber | Snapshot / Rifled Barrel | Life Support / Eye of the Storm

Another roll we can’t argue with, Luck in the Chamber might just give you a double tap kill if you consistently land headshots. Rifled Barrel and Eye of the Storm work well together to keep bloom under control and ghost bullets to a minimum. Stellar roll!

#3 – SUROS ARI-45

  • Hammer Forged / Appended Magazine – Lightweight / Injection Mold – Persistence

All 3 packages have some good points, but numero tres is the best bet: Accuracy from SPO-28 and Hammer Forged, Stability and Handling from Injection Mold, and yet more Accuracy from Persistence are all good things for you, Guardian!

#1 – SUROS ARI-41

  • Hammer Forged / Feather Mag – Single Point Sling / Injection Mold – Unflinching

This is a really excellent roll for this gun. Hammer Forged shores up the Range, its main weakness, while adding bonus accuracy as well. Unflinching helps you win the fight against high flinch opposition, and I recommend Single Point Sling in that middle slot for the strafe and swap speed bonuses. You need neither the Range Penalty nor the Stability bonus Injection Mold offers, so just pretend it’s not there.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-41 Auto Rifle Medium AA (72)
SUROS ARI-45 Auto Rifle High AA (54)
SUROS PDX-41 Pulse Rifle Medium Stability (68)
SUROS PDX-45 Pulse Rifle Low Reload (90)
Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle Medium-Low Reload (75)


PVP Rating: A-B

A week for Suros, the ARI-41 is the mid Rate of Fire / mid Impact Auto Rifle. There’s a lot of competition in this field right now, but these remain decent weapons and highly functional across game modes. Plus, Suros has the best PVP perks in the business, with so many awesome combinations possible it’s almost pointless to declare any setup a “god roll”.


PVP Rating: A-B

The ARI-41’s harder-hitting, slower-firing cousin, this weapon brings a lot more Range and much less Recoil to the table, although its magazine is unfortunately, um…small. Sorry, ARI-45, had to be said! I still like your package, I promise!

Aaaanyway, this is a great choice for longer mid-range engagements but you’ll want to swap out for a Fusion Rifle or Sidearm when battles creep into the short range arena.


PVP Rating: A

Compare to Nirwen’s Mercy and similar weapons. The PDX-41 maintains a competitive time to kill at extreme range with the right perks, and comes with impressive Stability right out of the box. While there are no hard counters to Sniper Rifles, this is a pretty effective tool for punishing hardscopes and double-peeks. However, it fairs less well in mid and short range battles where Auto Rifles, faster-firing Pulse Rifles, and other close-up weapons are typically better.


PVP Rating: S-A

This is one of the most solid and reliable PVP archetypes there is, and it does just fine in PVE as well! Fast and consistent Time-to-Kill isn’t something we normally see – usually it’s pick one or the other. The PDX-45 just plain doesn’t care, though, dropping fools with either 8 straight crits (okay, that’s hard) or just 6/9 crits if you land all shots (actually not so hard). Max out your Range perks and you’ll find that you almost can’t miss.

Uzume RR4

PVP Rating: B-C

Copy-pasta (yeah, I’m killing kittens, deal with it): If low to no Aim Assist and the inability to kill through Overshields (or even two-shot max armor Guardians) appeals to you, this is the sniper for you! It also like long walks through the Cosmodrome, but detests putting DPS on Ultras or stationary vehicles, so set your expectations accordingly.