gunsmith armsday

Armsday Roll Recommendations


  1. Crowd Control, Rangefinder, Single-Point Sling/Speed Reload/Braced Frame
  2. Hot Swap, Glass Half Full, Single-Point Sling/Hand-Loaded/Rifled Barrel
  3. Relentless Tracker, Rangefinder, Single-Point Sling/Fitted Stock/Rifled Barrel

Roll #1 offers a solid stat bonus to the already balanced Zarinaea-D. Crowd Control will be better in PvE for extra damage on higher-level enemies, but with Rangefinder and Braced Frame, the stats of this gun will allow you to be reasonably competitive in PvP. If you enjoy medium impact Auto Rifles, this is one of the more solid rolls you could hope for.


  1. High-Caliber Rounds/Casket Mag, Rangefinder, Lightweight/Rifled Barrel
  2. Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame, Take a Knee, Speed Reload/Injection Mold
  3. Fitted Stock/Casket Mag, Counterbalance, Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel

There are certainly better perks out there for the DIS-43, so we’d recommend you wait until next week and hope for something better. This week is sorely missing perks like Full Auto, Spray and Play and Hidden Hand, which we view as some of the best perks for this gun.

Uffern HC4

  1. Army of One, Quickdraw/Braced Frame, Icarus/Danger Close
  2. Zen Moment, Lightweight/Rifled Barrel, Life Support/Surrounded
  3. Zen Moment, Snapshot/Braced Frame, Icarus/Danger Close

Roll #2 isn’t perfect, but Life Support and Rifled Barrel are solid enough together to warrant a pickup. Omolon Hand Cannons will always need tons of range, and Rifled Barrel fits the bill. Life Support will save your life in PvE over and over, and it could come in handy if you decide to use this gun in PvP


  1. Army of One, Hot Swap, Single-Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Rifled Barrel
  2. Close and/or Personal, Hot Swap, Single-Point Sling/Perfect Balance/Rifled Barrel
  3. Surrounded, Kneepads, Lightweight/Hand Loaded/Oiled Frame

The Jingukogo-D is never going to be the perfect shotgun for the job, but Roll #1 allows it to play the part. Rifled Barrel’s range bonus is as good as it gets for shotguns, and Army of One can really help in PvE for ability spamming. Hot Swap isn’t the best perk in its slot, but the potential accuracy bonus may result in a slightly higher effective range. If you’re not too interested in this roll, you may want to just pick up a package to dismantle for marks.

Eirene RR4

  1. Firefly, Quickdraw/Hand-Laid Stock, Battle Runner/Mulligan
  2. Luck in the Chamber, Snapshot/Oiled Frame, Replenish/Exhumed
  3. Luck in the Chamber, Quickdraw/Reinforced Barrel, Battle Runner/Shoot to Loot

None of these rolls are bad, but we’ve set the bar pretty high for the Eirene RR4. With the Ex Machine now available from the Heroic Wrath of the Machine Raid, there’s a new high-impact Sniper Rifle on the block. When you compare these rolls to the Spray and Play and extra Fallen damage from the Ex Machine, these Eirene rolls aren’t good enough to warrant a switch. If you still have hope that the Eirene can be better, look out for perks like Triple Tap, Oiled Frame and Clown Cartridge in the coming weeks.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-41 Auto Rifle Medium AA (72)
Thesan FR4 Fusion Rifle High Stability (81)
Uffern HC4 Hand Cannon Medium-High Stability (70)
Kumakatoc HC4 Hand Cannon Low AA (74)
Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle Low Reload (75)


This is another Monte Carlo style auto rifle coming in at a whopping 68 base stability. Its range is about as low as we’ve seen at 17 though, so this gun will absolutely depend on range perks to have any use outside of close range PvP. Other than that, it has high Aim Assistance (72) and decent reload speed (54), so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the rolls next week.


If you’re ever looking out for the perfect fusion rifle, the Thesan FR4 is a must-order. It comes in at 94 Impact and 81 Stability, so you won’t even need to worry about perks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that perks can’t help it; this gun can benefit from range perks, and reload speed is always key in Crucible and Strikes.

Uffern HC4

Repeat! This Omolon Hand Cannon has a unique impact archetype, right below the highest but still higher than the Hawkmoon and Fatebringer. The gun will probably look and feel nice due to Omolon’s design and the base stability of 70, but we’re seriously worried about the low base range of 24. Hopefully there are some range perks offered next week.

Kumakatok HC4

This is a Down and Doubt 00-0 clone. It’s in the lowest impact archetype with decent stability and great aim assistance. Without a range buff, this gun’s 15 range may only be good enough for low-stakes PvE. However, OMOLON offers us plenty of chances for Firefly and Triple Tap, so this gun could definitely shine in Strikes and questing situations.


This Sniper Rifle shares the impact/RoF class of the Eye of Sol, but it packs way more base stability at 58. In non-revive game modes, this is a great option for getting quick headshots or double tapping for body shot kills. We’ll be looking for something like Triple Tap or Zen Moment for PvE while hoping for a Faucon SS1 low-zoom scope for PvP.