gunsmith armsday

Armsday Recommendations


  1. High Caliber Rounds/Appended Magazine, Snapshot/Smallbore, Rangefinder
  2. Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame, Snapshot/Injection Mold, Partial Refund
  3. Fitted Stock/Casket Mag, Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel, Rangefinder

None of this week’s rolls are that memorable, but Roll #3 gives you a decent stat blend for PvP if you’re interested. Fitted Stock balances out the negatives to Reinforced Barrel, so you’re left with some serious range in combination with Rangefinder.


  1. High Caliber Rounds/Feather Mag, Speed Reload/Smallbore, Hidden Hand
  2. Perfect Balance/Appended Magazine, Speed Reload/Injection Mold, Outlaw
  3. Hammer Forged/Feather Mag, Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel, Hidden Hand

Do you like range? Roll #3 brings some serious range to the party. Hammer Forged and Reinforced Barrel give about as much range as you could hope for in an Auto Rifle. Hidden Hand is the icing on the cake, giving you more bullet magnetism in PvP to hit your headshots with.

Thesan FR4

  1. Army of One, Accelerated Coils/Injection Mold, Underdog/Danger Close
  2. Grenadier, Lightweight/Oiled Frame, Unflinching/Danger Close
  3. Army of One, Lightweight/Hand Laid Stock, Underdog/Danger Close

Today we have two great rolls for the Thesan that represent a simple choice. Pick Roll #1 if you want Accelerated Coils, but if you want to preserve as much range as possible, pick Roll #3. Injection Mold’s hit to range may be a dealbreaker for some, but for others, the ability to swamp archetypes on the fly with Accelerated Coils is the big draw. Either choice will be a great gun for PvE and PvP.


  1. Headseeker, Counterbalance, Snapshot/Fitted Stock/Hand-Laid Stock
  2. Headseeker, Zen Moment, High Caliber Rounds/Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame
  3. Surrounded, Rangefinder, Snapshot/Hand Loaded/Oiled Frame

Roll #1 is basically an S-tier roll for the Herja-D. Counterbalance sets the gun’s recoil on a predictable pattern, Headseeker adds extra boss damage in PvE and Hand-Laid Stock gives as much stability as possible for both PvE and PvP. What more could you want?


  1. Single Point Sling/Speed Reload, Spray and Play, Javelin/Quickdraw
  2. Heavy Payload/Speed Reload, Reactive Reload, Perfect Balance/Snapshot
  3. Single Point Sling/Flared Magwell, Vacuum, Perfect Balance/Quickdraw

Nope. Banshee should be ashamed. Vacuum? Really? Either way, without Grenades and Horseshoes or Tracking, we’re going to forget this week ever existed for the JLB-42. It’s big brother, the JLB-47, is on sale this week, so you might want to burn this package for Legendary Marks.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Suros DIS-43 Scout Rifle Medium Range (77)
Eirene RR4 Sniper Rifle High Reload (57)
Arminius-D Auto Rifle Lowest AA (80)
Aoife Rua-d Sniper Rifle Medium Reload (68)
Suros JLB-47 Rocket Launcher Velocity (74)


This Scout Rifle falls in a Vision of Confluence archetype, and with a magazine size of 19, it should be great for PvE despite its stability issues (base 48). With a range of 77, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a situation where this Scout Rifle isn’t hitting for full damage.


This Auto Rifle archetype has become extremely popular as the alternative to the Doctrine of Passing, but with this gun’s stat blend, we’ll need a lot of help from perks to be competitive. We’ll see next week if there are enough perks offered to shore up the stability while providing some use in either PvE or PvP.

Eirene RR4

This is a sniper we’ll be watching closely next week. With the unique impact archetype that combines the firing rate of a Her Benevolence/1000-Yard Stare with a bit more impact, this sniper can kill revived opponents with head shots in the Crucible as well as add more damage to bosses in PvE. We’ll be praying for the Faucon SS1 Scope for the shortest zoom, but even with a bad scope, this sniper’s high impact rating will warrant usage in the raid as well as Skirmish, Elimination and Salvage.

Aoife Rua-D

The Aoife Rua-D, like the Tamar-D, has equivalent Impact to the Low-Grade Humility and Patience and Time. However, with a base stability of 34, you’ll best be aiming for headshots and not double-taps. If you like sniping in PvE, order one of these! Hakke snipers can roll with Surplus, which really helps with ammo scarcity in PvE.


After this week of JLB-42 rolls, we have little hope left for Banshee’s ability to bring good Rocket Launchers. However, with a high blast radius of 84, magazine size of 2 and velocity of 74, the JLB-47 will give you everything you need to hit your targets, and we highly recommend placing an order to try it out next week.