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Best Armsday Weapon Perks

Published on: Dec 30, 2015 @ 07:56

Incoming Shipments

#1 – Judith-D | Hand Cannon

  • Crowd Control, Spray and Play, Hand-Loaded/High-Caliber Rounds

We’ve got some PvE rolls on tap this week for this high-impact Hand Cannon, and overall, Rank #1 has the most synergy for add management. Crowd Control and Spray and Play reward you for killing, killing and killing some more. The damage bonus from Crowd Control is great when moving from enemy to enemy, and as long as you empty your whole clip, you’ll have a fast reload to count on due to Spray and Play. Hand-Loaded is decent for the no-frills range buff, but High-Caliber Rounds is the true beauty here. This gun’s high impact combined with High-Caliber Rounds makes it a stagger machine for major enemies.

#1 – Kumakatok HC4 | Hand Cannon

  • Mulligan, Snapshot, Triple Tap/Surrounded

Rank #1’s roll weathers the storm of highly situational perks to provide some decent, clear benefits for PvE. Mulligan and Triple Tap work well for ammo conservation, especially if you are constantly firing at adds or bosses. Snapshot is simply the best option we have, which would work well in PvP if the gun had anything else to offer. Sureshot IS is the gold standard for Hand Cannon sights, boosting target acquisition and handling even further to help you land your Triple Taps.

This gun has much more potential for PvE and PvP than the rolls offered this week, so we highly recommend you keep your package and wait until next week. There are amazing perks like Firefly, Outlaw, Luck in the Chamber, Zen Moment, Extended Mag and Eye of the Storm as possibilities for this gun, so it just seems wrong to settle for the middling perk sets offered this week.

#3 – Herja-D | Pulse Rifle

  • Danger Close, Unflinching, Injection Mold/High-Caliber Rounds

Rank #3 has perks that help in both PvE and PvP. Injection Mold seems to be a no-risk perk on Hakke Pulse Rifles; instead of decreasing range, it seems to just buff stability without a visual decrease in the range stat. In PvP, buffing this gun’s stability means making it even more of a laser beam, although we would have loved Counterbalance to fix the awkward recoil pattern. Meanwhile, Unflinching is an okay perk for PvP, and Danger Close gives us some PvE utility compared to Rank #1’s Glass Half Full. You can easily find yourself close to two or more enemies in PvE, so the increased reload speed is something you can count on, and if you want to go for the full PvE build, High-Caliber Rounds will help stun-lock major enemies.

#3 – Strongbow-D | Shotgun

  • Danger Close, Rangefinder, Rifled Barrel/Flared Magwell

Rank #3’s roll gives you a fighting chance in both PvE and PvP. Rangefinder, Linear Compensator and Rifled Barrel help bring range past whispering distance. Danger Close is situational for PvP and fantastic in PvE, increasing reload and handling while facing multiple combatants. For the PvE-ers, Flared Magwell is also an option if you just want to maximize your reload speed in strikes and missions while forgetting about range.

Any – Tamar-D | Sniper Rifle

  • Unflinching, Zen Moment, Braced Frame/Quickdraw
  • Take a Knee, Spray and Play, Braced Frame
  • Unflinching, Zen Moment, Perfect Balance/APR/Appended Magazine

If this is anything like its sister, the Aoife Rua-D, Braced Frame will buff stability more than Perfect Balance without actually reducing magazine size, working with Zen Moment and the gun’s low-zoom scope to give you the best chance for DPS in PvE. If you want a new toy for Iron Banner, Unflinching and Quickdraw are a pretty good combination for 6v6 game types.

Honorable mention goes to Rank #2’s roll for those who love reload speed. Spray and Play is one of the most powerful reload perks for snipers, so if you can handle the longer-range scopes, Rank #2 isn’t a bad choice with Take a Knee, Spray and Play and Braced Frame.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Cocytus SR4 Scout Rifle High Range (74)
Gaheris-D Hand Cannon Medium AA (80)
SUROS JLB-47 Rocket Launcher Medium Velocity (74)
SUROS JLB-42 Rocket Launcher Medium Velocity (67)
Uzume RR4 Sniper Low Reload (75)

Cocytus SR4 | Scout Rifle

The Cocytus SR4 is a high-impact Scout Rifle that packs huge range (74). If you’re a fan of Scout Rifles that hit like a truck, this is a good gun to order. With a magazine size of 13, perks like Extended Mag and Triple Tap will be on the wish list for PvE builds, but with Omolon’s highly-situational perk pool, it’s going to be hard to find a clear winner for PvP.

Gaheris-D | Hand Cannon

The Gaheris-D is another interesting Hakke Hand Cannon, which we don’t see much of other than the Judith-D. This time, the impact archetype matches the Hawkmoon and Ace of Spades, which is the ideal archetype in today’s Crucible metagame. With high aim assistance (80) and decent stability (56), we’ll be interested in seeing if this gun can get a nice roll next week for PvP. With a magazine size of 7, we’ll need help with reload speed for PvE.

SUROS JLB-47 | Rocket Launcher

Being a Rocket Launcher, we’re going to be most interested in the rolls rather than the stats, but this launcher will offer us the right stats to be competitive in PvE and PvP. With a high blast radius of 84, magazine size of 2 and velocity of 74, the JLB-47 will give you everything you need to hit your targets, and we highly recommend placing an order to try it out next week.

SUROS JLB-42 | Rocket Launcher

There isn’t much difference between this one and the 47, but the JLB-47 does pack more Velocity. The last time this happened, all six rolls were pretty much duds, but hopefully next week we can get some competitive perk options.

Uzume RR4 | Sniper Rifle

This Sniper Rifle shares the impact/RoF class of the Eye of Sol, but it packs way more base stability at 58. In non-revive game modes, including Iron Banner this week, this is a great option for getting quick headshots or double tapping for body shot kills. We’ll be looking for something like Triple Tap or Zen Moment for PvE while hoping for a Faucon SS1 low-zoom scope for PvP.