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Armsday Roll Recommendations

Contributing Author: Alex R.

#1 or 2 – SUROS ARI-41

  1. Perfect Balance/Casket Mag – Take A Knee – Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel
  2. Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame – Outlaw – Single Point Sling/Smallbore
  3. High Caliber Rounds/Casket Mag – Hidden Hand – Lightweight/Hand Laid Stock

Roll 1 is also pretty decent here if you can take advantage of Take A Knee, maintaining solid Stability while greatly extending your range. Roll 2 is just too easy to use though, with rock solid Stability, decent Range, and near-instant Reload Speed on Precision Kills.

#2 or 3 – Judith-D

  1. Relentless Tracker – Who’s Next? – Snapshot / Explosive Rounds / Reinforced Barrel
  2. Surrounded – Spray & Play – Snapshot / Explosive Rounds / Smallbore
  3. Crowd control – Who’s Next? – Snapshot / Explosive Rounds / Reinforced Barrel

Crowd Control gives you potential double tap kills on follow ups, Who’s Next? is a surprisingly decent reload perk, description aside, and then you have your choice of Snapshot, Explosive Rounds, and Reinforced Barrel – quite possibly the best roll of the week right here.

Crowd Control and Explosive Rounds sound awesome for PvE if you’re running strikes. Hopefully we see something more PvP-centric next week!

#1 or 2  – Uffern HC4

  • Luck in the Chamber – Quickdraw / Injection Mold – Icarus / Danger Close
  • Luck in the Chamber – Snapshot / Braced Frame – Life Support / Danger Close

Roll 1 isn’t bad here, with Luck in the Chamber, Quickdraw, and Icarus making up a trio of excellent hand cannon perks. You’ll have all the range of a super soaker, but at least you’ll hit pretty hard within that distance. If you want more effective Range (I do), then this is a great week to do nothing.

None – Lyudmila-D

Don’t pick this up without Counterbalance; that perk is just too good, even after the weapon tuning update’s changes to it.

Any/None – UZUME RR4

  1. Army of One – Single Point Sling/Injection Mold – Battle Runner/Eye of the Storm
  2. Army of One – Single Point Sling/Rifled Barrel – Unflinching/Mulligan
  3. Army of One – Quickdraw/Reinforced Barrel – Battle Runner/Exhumed

There’s not much you’re going to get from the Uzume’s perk pool other than some PvE-centered perks. Army of One and Mulligan on #2’s roll certainly can help in PvE, offering you some good cooldown reductions for your abilities and a few bullets here and there returned to your gun after a miss. This isn’t the kind of gun you want to hang on to for that “perfect” roll, as it just doesn’t have the potential with its Impact/RoF and perk pool.


Notable Rolls from Other Weapons

#2 – Thesan FR4

  • Army of One | Accelerated Coils/Injection Mold | Rangefinder/Eye of the Storm

Accelerated Coils is the key perk, making this the fastest charging Fusion Rifle in its class while maintaining best-in-class Stability and a 5 bolt kill shot. Torch and Eye of the Storm can make it very easy to keep your reticle on target, even against fast-moving enemies. Rangefinder isn’t worthless either, as we recently learned – it’ll give you an extra .1x Zoom and an effective Recoil reduction of around 6%, resulting in slightly better bolt grouping at longer distances. Army of One is… well… it’s there, anyway. Should work as well here as it does anywhere.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Cocytus SR4 Scout Rifle High Range (74)
Hakke Judith-D Hand Cannon High AA (60)
SUROS PDX-45 Pulse Rifle Low Reload (90)
Lyudmila-D Pulse Rifle High Stability (54)
SUROS JLB-42 Launcher Velocity (67)

Cocytus SR4

PVP Rating: A

Hard-hitting and objectively one of the most lethal weapons around, the Cocytus high impact Scout Rifle is well liked among Crucible aficionados for a reason: 3 headshots will drop even high armor Guardians in under .8 seconds. It doesn’t usually come around as often as it has lately, so if Scout Rifles are your bread and butter, don’t miss out!


PVP Rating: B-C

Two weeks in a row now! What can I say that I didn’t last week? This is the only legendary hand cannon in its class, hitting for 95 to the head within its effective range. With a few good damage boosting perks (or Weapons of Light) and some careful aim, you can two-shot people for a half second TTK. Beyond that, it’s a great weapon for clean-up kills and team-shooting. The slow Rate of Fire means that it can’t stand up directly to most weapons though, so don’t try to hold your ground.


PVP Rating: S-A

A most wanted Pulse Rifle, this. The PDX-45 is a manufactuer-direct mirror of the better-known Hawksaw, but with more Aim Assist and slightly better Stability, making it an utter dream to use. Pile on the Range perks and a touch more Stability, and you’ll dominate your foes in short-mid range while still doing a lot more than tickling enemies farther out. This is easily one of the strongest Crucible primaries in the game right now and has long been one of Armsday’s best PVP guns.


PVP Rating: C

This hardest hitting of Pulse Rifles is for sale yet again. For the PVP crowd, that’s probably two times too many, due to the slow average time to kill and very high recoil. It does hit like a freight train in PVE though, so if you want a pulse rifle to crush aliens with, this could be your girl Friday.


PVP Rating: A

Practically perfect Blast Radius and Velocity Stats along with a 2 Rocket Magazine (Chamber? Tube?) make this a powerhouse for Elimination. While it’s slightly less awesome than the JLB-47, the only bad thing you can really say about either of them is that their Inventory stats are terrible, meaning you’re not going to get more than 2 Rockets per Heavy pickup without tuning all of your Armor for Rocket Ammo. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a perfect Ash Factory this is the next best thing.