gunsmith armsday

Armsday Recommendations

Cocytus SR4

  1. Life Support, Lightweight/Rifled Barrel, Army of One/Underdog
  2. Icarus, Single Point Sling/Hand Laid Stock, Army of One/Eye of the Storm
  3. Life Support, Extended Mag/Rifled Barrel, Zen Moment/Exhumed

Roll #3 looks great for PvE purposes. Extended Mag is probably the best perk in its slot, and Life Support will save you over and over in strikes and nightfalls. Zen Moment is the cherry on top, making things a bit easier to shoot as you empty your clip.

Tuonela SR4

  1. Icarus, Single Point Sling/Smallbore, Zen Moment/Surrounded
  2. Replenish, Snapshot/Rifled Barrel , Grenadier/Surrounded
  3. Life Support, Lightweight/Smallbore, Grenadier/Danger Close

None of the rolls are particularly worthwhile this week. We’d recommend waiting for something better. Our wish list includes Hand Laid Stock, Life Support and Firefly.

Kumakatok HC4

  1. Grenadier, Extended Mag/Braced Frame, Firefly/Danger Close
  2. Grenadier, Lightweight/Injection Mold, Life Support/Underdog
  3. Grenadier, Lightweight/Braced Frame, Icarus/Danger Close

Without a range-boosting perk, we’re going to pass on the Kumakatok this week. Hopefully in future weeks we’ll have some perks available that bring it up to a decent range.

Uffern HC4

  1. Army of One, Quickdraw/Rifled Barrel, Outlaw/Surrounded
  2. Army of One, Quickdraw/Braced Frame, Firefly/Surrounded
  3. Luck in the Chamber, Single Point Sling/Rifled Barrel, Outlaw/Danger Close

Pick up Roll #3; no questions asked! Luck in the Chamber and Rifled Barrel are the best possible perks for their slots, and these perks are relevant in both PvE and PvP. Outlaw adds a huge reload bonus that you’ll take advantage of mostly in PvE. The added damage from Luck in the Chamber will be a help no matter what you’re doing, so this is a must-have.


  1. Single Point Sling/Flared Magwell, Grenades and Horseshoes, Perfect Balance/Quickdraw
  2. Heavy Payload/Speed Reload, Who’s Next?, Perfect Balance/Lightweight
  3. Single Point Sling/Speed Reload, Feeding Frenzy, Perfect Balance/Lightweight

Roll #1 isn’t a particularly good roll other than the presence of Grenades and Horseshoes, but by virtue of having that perk at all, it warrants a pickup over any other roll. Flared Magwell and Perfect Balance won’t do much for you, however, so you may want to wait on this package until the perfect roll comes out with Javelin and Heavy Payload.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Judith-D Hand Cannon High AA (60)
Tuonela SR4 Scout Rifle Medium Stability (69)
Herja-D Pulse Rifle Medium Stability (72)
Lyudmila-D Pulse Rifle Highest Range (63)
Aoife Rua-D Sniper Rifle Medium Reload (68)


We’re looking at the highest impact class for the Judith-D, similar to the Timur’s Lash. However, the gun will be coming in with base 17 stability, 26 reload speed and a clip size of 7, so there are a lot of deficiencies that perks will need to fix.

Tuonela SR4

Repeat! This Scout Rifle offers the Vision of Confluence impact/RoF blend with great base stability of 69 and reload of 62. With a lower magazine of 13, this scout should fit comfortably in Crucible situations and shorter PvE encounters, but reload perks can overcome this drawback.


The Herja-D has the impact archetype of the Vanguard’s Apple of Discord. It comes in with a fantastic 72 stability and 68 reload speed, so next week, we’ll be looking for Counterbalance to correct the awkward Hakke recoil pattern and more stability to make it a laser.


The Lyudmila-D has base range of 63 and stability of 54, so we’ll want to preserve the range while increasing stability to laser-like levels, and a reload perk like Feeding Frenzy would be icing on the cake. Counterbalance is going to be the key, as Hakke Pulse Rifles have an awkward recoil pattern that needs to be corrected for maximum accuracy.

Aoife Rua-D

The Aoife Rua-D, like the Tamar-D, has equivalent Impact to the Low-Grade Humility and Patience and Time. However, with a base stability of 34, you’ll best be aiming for headshots and not double-taps. If you like sniping in PvE, order one of these! Hakke snipers can roll with Surplus, which really helps with ammo scarcity in PvE.