AI Behavior

The AI in Destiny is phenomenal, even on the normal difficulty settings. Just imagine the difficulty and sophistication once we’re able to access raids. A big thanks to Alexxd94 for these images and descriptions!


Fallen with melee weapons
Fallen with melee weapons – In this example, the Fallen vandal with daggers retreats when he’s being fired upon, then rushes the player when he’s out of ammo (normal difficulty).
Fallen captain agility
Fallen captain agility – Just an example of how agile a Fallen captain can be, ducking from bullets, teleporting, and dodging grenades (normal difficulty).
Fallen dreg agility
Fallen Dreg agility – An example of how agile a lowly Dreg can be. Notice how the enemies know how to retreat and fire at the same time (normal difficulty).
Fallen signalling a player
Fallen signalling a player – The behavior and animation they display when sighting a player, notifying other enemies around about the presence of the player (normal difficulty).
Fallen flushing out a player
Fallen flushing out a player – An example of a Fallen throwing a grenade to flush out a player from behind cover (normal difficulty).
Fallen working together
Fallen working together – The shank storms a player that’s hiding, and a Fallen sneaks behind the player and kills him while he’s focused on the shank (hard difficulty).
Shanks rushing
Shanks rushing – Shanks working as a group and storming in on a player that’s hiding (hard difficulty).
Fallen flaking
Fallen flaking – Fallen vandals working together, one of them storms in and distracts the player while the other one sneaks through the other room to surprise the player (hard difficulty).
Fallen suppressive fire
Fallen suppressive fire – Riksis (the boss) suppressing the corridor where he last saw the player (hard difficulty).