7 Ways to Utilize Private Matches

Private Crucible matches are coming in September for everyone on Xbox One & PS4 – click here to learn exactly how they’ll work.


We’re hyped to brainstorm some ideas on how to get the most out of this new feature. Leave a comment if you have any other cool ideas for what to do within the


Map Exploration

This will be one of the first things I’ll be doing with my clan. We’ll be covering every nook and cranny in each map, testing areas for cover, lanes to snipe and perches to hide in. Good map knowledge is important in any PvP game, but with private matches in Destiny, we’ll have our first legitimate chance to pick a specific map to explore at our own leisure.


Practice with Friends

While full 6v6 or 3v3 matches will help you improve, you only need one friend to practice in a private match! Want to improve your sniping game? Ask your friend to equip a shotgun and rush you. After a while, you’ll become a master at identifying when you should go for the kill and when/how to fall back and stay alive. For your mid-range game, see if you can get a primary kill before your friend headshots you with a sniper. Then, of course, you can have a slide/blink/shotgun battle with your friend to tighten up your movement combos for deadly shotgun efficiency at shorter ranges.

Duel with Friends

So you can practice with your friends, but you can also challenge your friends to find out who’s the best! Whether you prefer 1v1s, dedicated sniping battles or all-out team brawls, you can trash talk and teabag your friends in the spirit of good fun in custom games. Run a mock tournament of 1v1s and see who can come out on top. Or try a fun Juggernaut mode, with Light enabled and only 1 person having 300+ Light (everyone else removes their armor).

Hide and Seek

This is probably what I’ll be doing the most with my friends. Pick out a huge map like First Light or Bastion, turn off your HUDs and count to 30. This will be the best way to play hide and seek in Destiny, because you’ll be able to play with up to 12 people. Patrol hide and seek is fun, but being able to play in so many different areas with more people will be a great treat when you’re not in the mood for high-stakes content.

Fun with Vehicles

Don’t forget that we’ll have options to add vehicles into our custom games in certain situations! Vehicles are another part of Destiny that has huge potential. Find the best place to get an awesome jump on your sparrow and have your friends lined up ready to snipe at you! Whoever gets the most headshots wins. Interceptors? Interceptors. They’re fun already in PvE alone, but smashing into your friends and running them over will be that much better in custom games. Pikes? See who can get the most barrel rolls in one jump.



We’ve seen tons of amazing things from Bungie’s Movie of the Week, and the ability to get 12 people from the same party in one place is going to translate to tons of choreographed movies for us to enjoy. We’re excited to see what the community can come up with.

Competitive Tournaments

While we mentioned this briefly already, we feel the need to express our genuine excitement about Destiny’s upcoming competitive scene. We’re going to see teams emerge with well-known players going head to head in high-stakes games. Watching Destiny played at its highest level is a treat, and private matches will allow sponsors to facilitate legitimate tournaments for us to watch and enjoy.

This list is just the beginning of the possibilities, but as you can see, we’re going to have a bunch of new things to do when Rise of Iron hits in September. Have more ideas for private matches? Let us know.