3v3 Tactics & Best Subclasses

In the wake of the amazingly successful Podcast Playoffs vs. Planet Destiny, Crucible Radio has really narrowed in on their competitive loadouts.


3 Best Subclasses for 3v3 | 26:22

Striker Titan

The Arc Titan subclass has always been a staple in the Crucible, but in the current state of the game there is little one can do to stop a Striker. Titan “skating” wasn’t always the norm, but the technique is now almost required for running the hyper-fast, hyper strong subclass. Lightning grenades have always been one of the most effective grenades because of their ability to both deny map control and hit for a devastating amount of damage.

When it comes to 3v3, the Fist of Havoc super is the ultimate shut down move. Roaming supers like Sunsingers and Bladedancers have almost no chance of avoiding the smash if a Titan gets close enough, making the Striker one of the best “clutch” subclasses to play.

Nightstalker Hunter

Criticisms about the tether aside, the Nightstalker has shown itself to be one of the best aspects of any team. The “wombo combo” – throwing envenomed smoke and a grenade simultaneously – not only makes for a powerful attack but a great way to shut down enemy movement. A ranged melee means keeping an enemy at bay for longer periods of time.

The key feature of the subclass is undoubtedly the Shadestep. It’s an evade move that comes built-in to the Hunter; you don’t need a Twilight Garrison or other exotic to acquire the move. It allows for a Hunter to dodge bullets, check corners and hallways without exposing their heads to snipers, and most importantly, quickly escape sticky situations. Every Guardian has the option to disengage and move back to safety, but no other class can do so immediately while still facing forward and engaged in the fight.

Sunsinger Warlock

The solar subclass wasn’t always a dominant choice for Warlocks – not until the release of Trials of Osiris and popularization of the self-rez strategy did Sunsingers become a mainstay in the Crucible. Coupled with their incredibly powerful firebolt grenades and Viking Funeral effect, they became a serious threat in Elimination. The grenade has been nerfed slightly but still remains and incredibly effective tool for keeping enemies weak and on the run, allowing for map control and pushes.

When it comes to Trials or Skirmish, the Sunsinger’s melee can make for quite an effective “warrior” if a Gaurdian is so inclined. The flameshield means any Sunsinger can get up close, get a kill, and keep pushing forward without waiting to recover. They’re often thought of as the support class, but Sunsingers can definitely operate well on the front lines.


Iron Banner Clash – Solo | 38:15

Now that Iron Banner rotates through the multiple 6v6 game modes, it has become clear that certain types aren’t well-suited for Guardians trying to join in on their own. Looking at you, Rift. So why is it easier to roll solo in Clash?

The best way to approach Clash is to avoid the chaos. Every map has a focal point or two where most of the action takes place. In Control modes the B flag is often a focal point, but Clash allows for the action to take place all over. If you don’t have any teammates to warn you of an incoming Golden Gun or to inform you that you’re being flanked, it’s incredibly, incredibly difficult to stay alive for long when in the middle of the action.

Avoiding these focal points may feel like camping, but what you’re doing is preventing needless deaths that award the other team points. With every focal point exists a great location to pick off unsuspecting opponents or toss a grenade to help out your teammates. You can still move around as much as you’d like, but it’s important to note where the action is taking place.

Think of the center of the map as a Tornado: you’re fine at a distance, but the closer you get, the more likely you are to get pulled into a disaster. Know where the action is, but don’t be in the middle of it all. Careful positioning can allow any player to succeed even if they aren’t communicating with the other 5 players on their team.

As always, it’s best to find some friends and wreak havoc for Lord Saladin – Planet Destiny’s LFG site is a great way to find a fireteam and win some games.