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Upgrading From Legacy Consoles

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Destiny: The Taken King will continue to be available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Legacy Consoles. However, players on these Legacy Consoles will have limited access to the following content:

  • Future Game Updates and Content Releases
  • Some Destiny Events and Content
  • Purchasing Silver
  • Accessing new Eververse Item purchases across console generations
  • Some Destiny Companion features on the Mobile App and


Events that will no longer be available on Legacy Consoles

Effective this August:

  • Trials of Osiris
  • Iron Banner
  • Live Events
    • Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days, Sparrow Racing League, etc.

All updates, content, and events related to Destiny: Rise of Iron will be unavailable on Legacy Consoles. To access Destiny: Rise of Iron, Legacy Console players will need to upgrade from their Legacy Console and purchase Destiny: Rise of Iron once it is released.


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Will the Daily Heroic Mission on the Legacy Consoles always be the same as the Daily Heroic on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

No. Occasionally the Daily Heroic will be different on Legacy Consoles from what is available on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This will also occasionally be true for other Featured Activities, such as the Daily and Weekly Crucible Playlists, Weekly Nightfall Strike, and others.

Will Legacy Console players be able to see their Character stats on the Companion App or on

Some Character data will be available for viewing on or the Companion App. However, some data will not display properly for Legacy Console players. More details about the expected behavior of and the Companion App will be provided as we get closer to August 2016.

If I play on the PlayStation 3, can I use the Account Import to upgrade to an Xbox One? Or go from an Xbox 360 to a PlayStation 4?

No. The Account Import process only works within console families.

Do I have to purchase Destiny: The Taken King or Destiny: Rise of Iron to perform the Account Import?

No. Purchase of Destiny: The Taken King or Destiny: Rise of Iron is not required for performing the Account Import. However, when upgrading from a Legacy Console, purchase of Destiny: The Taken King or Destiny: Rise of Iron may be required to access the content from those Destiny expansions.