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Crucible Wishlist (CR Recap #25)

Published on: Dec 7, 2015 @ 16:08

Destiny has been experiencing a great year and has some exciting things to look forward to, such as SRL. Nevertheless, PvE players have been itching for the “next big thing” and the PvP community has been waiting patiently – thankfully we’ll be getting weapon and Titan balances very soon!

So, while we’re excited for the future, this episode outlines a few features that would improve the Crucible and help the competitive community in a major way.


Ranked Playlist

On the weekend, Trials of Osiris presents an opportunity face off against players who have been playing as well as you – for the most part. During the week, however, the Crucible can be serious chaos. Because no skill-based matchmaking exists (or at least nothing that feels apparent), many players can feel inconsistent simply because they’re beating bad players or losing to great players without ever knowing why.

A ranked playlist would offer clear progression and an opportunity for players to go against others of equal skill on a regular basis. The standard playlists would still remain for casual play while allowing anyone who feels like stepping it up a notch a chance.

Private Lobbies

The complexities of game development will stay a mystery to me, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect a private match option at some point. What is standard in almost every other FPS on the market has been unfortunately absent from Destiny, but there are so many benefits to custom matches beyond satisfying the needs of only the most competitive players.

With Private lobbies, players would be free to conduct both casual and competitive games amongst their friends. For the “sweaty” scene that has been using a method to “trick” the matchmaking system into pairing up two teams, this would come as a huge relief. For others that just want to have fun with buddies instead of matchmake in the regular playlists, private lobbies would be incredibly convenient.

Custom Matches

Custom Matches obviously require an extensively longer list of changes but would truly take the Crucible to the next level. Competitive players could use custom rulesets to balance the Crucible as they see fit and host tournaments. Casual players could experiment with fun and interesting settings to make hilarious games or even invent different game modes that go beyond the standard team deathmatch. For a game that’s all about customization and personal choice, it only makes sense to eventually do the same for the Crucible.


We’ve got a while before “Destiny 2” comes out next year and in the meantime there will be plenty of Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris tournaments along with the Sparrow Racing League, but the Crucible could sure use an upgrade, no matter how small. For more thoughts on what the Crucible needs, be sure to listen to this week’s Crucible Radio.