10 Cool Facts About the April Update

The information promoted on Bungie’s first stream was mostly limited to Prison of Elders, but now that we’ve sifted through it more, here are a few things that you could have missed!


Taken Themed Sword(s)

A titan is seen in this beautiful image wearing some awesome new gear, but more importantly, a Taken themed sword is leading the way. It appears to be a Void variant, and there may be others, but we’ll probably need to wait until the ‘New Things to Earn’ stream on March 30th.



New Weapons

A sword wasn’t the only Taken themed weapon we seen. A shotgun with the trademark Taken shader was also revealed. We didn’t get to see anyone use this shotty on stream, but we were shown several pictures of a warlock sporting it.


All of the weapons that were shown off so far had some unique flair.

If all of this weren’t enough, there are even more screenshots that show numerous Queen’s Wrath weapons. The final reward showed for completing the P.o.E. Challenge mode was Her Fury, modeled in the same style as Her Benevolence. All of this indicates that the Queen’s Wrath weapons will be returning at new light levels.


A New Threat Rises

Malok will the new boss of the upcoming Blighted Chalice strike. Malok, a Taken Prince that was once part of Oryx’s ranks, fled for safety as we launched our assault on the Dreadnaught.


strike_blighted_chalice_3rd_06We will be hunting being hunting Malok down in the mission “Pretender to the Throne” offered by Variks as part of the new questline.

The to-be released Hood of Malok is most likely going to be an exclusive drop from the new Blighted Chalice Strike. It’s database entry is very old, so expect the perks to be different.


Archon Priest Returns

The Archon Priest is back in black, and will be part of the newly updated Winter’s Run strike.


The final showdown with the Archon Priest will have a much different look as he shows off his new abilities.


Updated Prison of Elders Bosses

Bungie showed us what the Archon Priest will look like now that he has been consumed by Taken. They also revealed Malok, the newest Taken threat to our solar system, but they also showed us updated Prison of Elders bosses. More specifically, they showed us Pilot Servitor’s new moves.

Pilot Servitor now teleports, and drops mines much like the fallen drop ships do. Not only has his offense been buffed, but he appeared to be much less of a bullet sponge. While watching the stream, Cozmo’s fireteam was able to put damage on him very quickly when they wanted to.

These updated bosses won’t be our only foes, of course. We will also be facing off against 4 new Taken bosses as well.


335 harrowedHarrowed Gear at 335 Light

Bungie has confirmed that drops in Kings Fall hard mode will be 330 light. However, during the live stream event, Cozmo’s character can be spotted wearing Harrowed gear, while maintaining 335 light.

We can also see the fireteam get rewarded with a “Consumed Ghost Shell” that looked similar to the Kingslayer Shell.

april taken prison of elders


Timed Challenges

Your fireteam will have to be quick and efficient if you hope to achieve the weekly high score in Challenge of the Elder’s. Variks is impatient, and will start deducting points from your point total if rounds aren’t completed in a timely manner.

Bungie mentioned on stream that we would be able to dictate the flow of enemies, as their spawn times are tied directly to how much damage we have put on the boss. For challenges like the Precision Kills bounty shown in the reveal, we can slow down the pace of combat by doing less damage to the boss. However, if we go too slow, and it could end up costing us our main goal.


No Treasure Keys

Say goodbye to treasure keys, at least for the new level 41 mode of Prison of Elders. We will not longer need the keys to open the exotic chest after completion. Not only are keys going away, but we will now be able to open the reward chest as many times as we want during the week. This mode will be our new path to Light Level 320, and should prepare us for the challenge mode.


Lots More Lootprison of elders consumed shell

In addition to the activity rewards at the end, enemies can drop Engrams and killed for PoE-specific bounties and general Taken Bounty XP. The old PoE Exotics may be updated to Y2 levels, we’re not sure yet.

Learn more about the PoE updates:


Court of Oryx Artifacts

The path to 320 runs through Kings Fall and the Prison of Elders, and from there the path to 335 will involve the hard mode raid and the new Challenge of Elders. However, the Court of Oryx will be playing a significant role in our journey to max light. The CoO will be dropping 335 artifacts for completion of the hardest difficulty tier.

Artifacts won’t be the only significant part of the Court. PlayStation users will be getting an exclusive quest line that involves going back to Oryx’s Court to kill bosses and extract their essence.