xur worth buying dragon's breath

Is That Worth Buying?

Inventory He’s located opposite from the Speaker, by the big door. Check out what the community is saying about this gear! Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin Dragon’s Breath Yes 23 Legacy (Y1) Heavy Engram 31 No Backup Plans (30/43 DISC, 27/40 STR) Titan Defender Maybe 13 Knucklehead Radar (35/50 DISC, 36/51 STR) Hunter Any Maybe 13 Apotheosis Veil (33/48 INT, 35/50 STR) Warlock Any Maybe 13 [divider] Dragon’s Breath [divider] No Backup Plans Worth Buying? Y2 No Backup Plans are a load of fun. In addition to the (underrated) boon of lengthening your Force Barrier, you can now proc Disintegrate’s benefits with a