the messenger trials pulse rifle review

The Messenger Review

From deep within the shadows it came—a messenger borne on black wings. The Messenger is a Legendary primary pulse rifle. The Adept version is obtained from the Lighthouse chest, non-Adept and can be rewarded from a Silver/Gold Package. 8.8/10 6.7/10 The good: High Impact & Range. The bad: Weak perks for PvE. Conclusion: Perfect for mid-long PvP engagements. This is a Legendary WeaponPulse Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage365 Quality Lvl60 Rate of Fire 59 Impact 30 Range 59 Stability 59 Reload 53 Magazine Size 24 Aim Assist 35 Equip Speed 23 Recoil Direction 66 Zoom 17 Talent Upgrades Tree