Rise of Iron Legendary Weapon Preview

Rise of Iron may not be the total revamp of Destiny that the Taken King was, but it will bring major changes to Destiny nonetheless. Today, we’re talking about some major changes to armaments coming this September. The perks on Legendary weapons will not be drastically overhauled; expect to see the same perk options that are available now.   [divider] Massive Breakdown [audioplayer file=”http://planetdestiny.pcinvasion.com/Massive/media/massive-breakdown-podcast-episode-7-low-and-very-low-impact-pulse-rifles-and-new-roi-guns1.mp3″] [divider] [divider] New Guns The Trespasser is the new burstfire Exotic Sidearm, supposedly associated with Shiro-4, the Vanguard’s representative in Felwinter Peak. It looks to be much less of a potato in comparison to Dreg’s Promise, so we can