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Community Spotlight #3

Published on: Nov 7, 2014 @ 0:03 Our latest weekly community spotlight is here! Each Thursday (sorry it’s late this week) we promote some of the best community submissions. Please be sure to submit your best clips, art, or whatever else that’s Destiny related, and we’ll either feature it on our community news section, or in our weekly Top 5 video.[divider] Video: Top 5 Spotlight #3 Spinmetal Found on Mars Deadly Waters Warlock Trick Shot First Look at the Fate of All Fools Sparrow Surfing   Click here to watch episode 2. [divider] Submit Your Own Content Please email us at [email protected] if you’d like

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Hey guys, I just wanted to take a couple minutes of your time to tell you about our social media outlets. We’ve got a FB & Twitter account that immediately have our news articles posted to them as soon as they’re published. If you’re adamant about knowing the latest Destiny content ASAP, you’ll definitely want to follow those channels. We won’t spam your feeds, and we only post Destiny related content. In addition to the article updates, we post some small tidbits there that don’t warrant an entire article. If you’re already following us, are your friends too? We really appreciate the