no land beyond review

5 Reasons to Use No Land Beyond

If you’re like me, using the same loadout for an entire night of Crucible carnage is a no-go. There are so many guns in Destiny – why should we limit ourselves to a select few, just because they’re the best in the game? Okay, that’s the reason, but hear me out. No Land Beyond can be one of the most fun weapons in the game. Don’t believe me? Here’s why I almost always have the NLB available at a moment’s notice. You Automatically Un-Sweat The Crucible can be a stressful place. That’s especially true these days, with a meta that’s in

No Land Beyond

Every hit blazes the path to our reclamation. No Land Beyond is an Exotic primary sniper rifle. This weapon can be acquired randomly as a reward in PvE or PvP, or sold by Xûr. 4.8/10 3/10 The good: Interesting design, high Impact. The bad: Impractical, Kinetic damage, low ammo reserve & rate of fire. Conclusion: Frustrating, needs a buff. Read the full review here This is an Exotic WeaponSniper Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded302/331 Quality Lvl70 Rate of Fire 19 Impact 25 Range 100 Stability 24 Reload 62 Magazine Size 6 Aim Assist 50 Equip Speed 40 Recoil Direction