nightstalker subclass overview

Taken King: Nightstalker Guide

Hunters have some of the strongest neutral game in Destiny, in addition to very potent supers. Nightstalker is almost perfectly balanced between PvP and PvE. [divider] GRENADE The Nightstalker, as a Void class, has three grenades that all deal elemental Void damage. We consider Void damage to be somewhat of a black sheep in Destiny, as Void shields are the least prevalent in average content. Spike Identical to the Defender class, this grenade can be stuck on a surface to emit a torrent of damaging void light opposite to direction of attachment. Idealy used in close quarters where a doorway can

nightstalker subclass guide review

Nightstalker Overview

Published on: Jun 18, 2015 @ 13:47 Note: This subclass has been updated – click here to see the latest talents! We’ve seen a taste of what the new subclasses have to offer, and although we couldn’t play with every perk in the tree, our experience was eventful enough to help us get an impression of how each was going to play out in PvP and PvE. Keep in mind that E3 Builds are not final. Any of the perks mentioned and analyzed here have a chance to change significantly before launch. [divider] Nightstalker Grenades The Nightstalker, as a Void class, has three grenades