Top 5 Hand Cannons for PvP

Published on: Nov 8, 2014 @ 1:22 With the right hand cannon, you can dominate in the Crucible. Which of them are the best? Do you agree with this list? Let us know what hand cannons you prefer to use! In this article we’ll give our opinions on the top 5 hand cannons in the game. If you missed our Top 5 scout rifle video, click here to watch that.[divider] Top 5 Check out this video, where we list our opinions for the top 5 best hand cannon choices for PvP and what perks you want to look out for. Disclaimer: As explained

top 5 exotic weapons

Top 5 Exotic Weapons

Published on: Nov 6, 2014 @ 18:16 Exotics in Destiny are considered the best items in the game. Now that we’ve reviewed nearly every Exotic weapon, this article will rate the best of the best. With all of the buffs/nerfs recently, and those that are coming, this was a hard list to make. Do you agree with this placement? Let us know your thoughts! [divider] 5. Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn is one of two Exotic Rocket Launcher’s currently in the game, which can be acquired as a random reward from the Crucible/PvE content, or from Xûr for 17 Strange Coins. It’s named after the mythic trumpet from Norse