Beta Randomness

The Beta is currently under maintenance and will be so until July 23rd. (image by falconbox) How was your Beta experience? For all of the Xbox users, we’ll have download keys to give away just like we did for PS, and those will be given out as soon as they become available on the 23rd via Facebook message. Meanwhile while you guys wait, here’s some miscellaneous Destiny shenanigans that have brought Beta players some fun. Dance to Dodge Bullets posted by bsb1127 Dragon Spotted on the Shores of Time Crucible map (Venus)  Fallen T-Bag by InfiniteLegitimateAgama Crucible Mega-Kill’] How to

Guardian Cloaks, Bonds, and Badges

[yframe url=’’] FWCreddit posted a few awesome screenshots showcasing some of the status items unique to each guardian class. Hunters have the cloak, Warlocks have the bond, and Titans have the badge. Each one is beautiful in their own right. Shaders Another redditor, w0odyallen put together this image which highlights all of the possible shaders that could be found in the Alpha.

New Guardian Armor Page

Hey guys, I just wanted show you the new Armor page I created for It has lots of different armor loadouts for all three Guardian classes, as well as some more details about armor slots and tiers. [button color=”white” size=”big” link=”” ]Click here to view Armor[/button] Also you can always find the page by clicking the “Armor” button located in the main toolbar.

Why Destiny will make you love loot

Hey guys, here is some more awesome Destiny content to pour through if you have the time. I’ll being adding any other new pieces of media that come out today to this post. Articles EuroGamer: How Destiny turns into Diablo when you hit level cap. Polygon: The 10 Key Questions [divider] Why Bungie’s epic shooter will make you love loot Playstation: The Access Q&A – All YOUR questions answered MoreConsole: Gold Tier Missions Destiny Strike Gameplay – Rewind Theater