Story Mission Gameplay MegaPost

Dozens of new story mode gameplay videos have just been released, I will post them all to this article throughout the day. Also be sure to check out the Destiny multiplayer gameplay mega-post here [divider] The Tower Ninja visits the tower [yframe url=’–sy5wcQBHI’] Tower Walkthrough [yframe url=’’] Ship Customization in the Tower [yframe url=’’] [divider] Explore Mode Alpha Gameplay – Patrol (Open Exploration Area) [yframe url=’′] Free-Roam [yframe url=’′] [divider] Strike Gameplay TTL Plays Devil’s Lair: 35-Minute Gameplay [yframe url=’’] Devils Lair Strike Part-1 [yframe url=’’] [divider] Story Mode 55-Min Alpha Gameplay [yframe url=’’] Alpha Titan Gameplay! The Dark Within