Iron Banner Preparations

Published on: Oct 7, 2014 @ 3:09 In Iron Banner matches, your gear is incredibly important, and a player that’s using Legendary and Exotic items (fully upgraded) will be extremely deadly. It’s not required, but it’s best to be at least level 20 when participating in the Iron Banner. Video: Iron Banner Overview [divider] Overview Here’s a rundown on a few important things to keep in mind: You can earn Iron Banner and Faction reputation by wearing a Faction class item. If you’re going for Rank 3, remember to swap to an Iron Banner class item. You don’t earn Iron Banner rep. when you lose; wins earn you 25

Iron Banner Armor

If you missed the Iron Banner events that took place earlier today, fear not because Bungie has announced that the Iron Banner will also be open tomorrow (Sunday), 7/20 at 2PM and 7PM (PST). In the meantime, here are some awesome screenshots falconbox posted on reddit of the Iron Banner Titan gear. Beautifully crafted indeed. For a deeper look at the goodies you’ll receive, watch this video: