best tower vendor weapons

Recommended Primary Vendor Weapons

This article will overview the best weapons to pick up from the Tower vendors, but will also suggest the optimal perks to look out for if you’re able to get them from a package. The great thing about all of these weapons is that their default rolls aren’t too bad either. [divider] Auto Rifles Extremophile 011 –  Dead Orbit Pros – Very high reload speed. High stability. Above average aim assist and mag size. Neutral – Average range. Cons – Very low recoil direction. Recommended Perks: Column 1 – Reflex Column 2 – Hip Fire Column 3 – Perfect Balance Column 4

best buys before house of wolves

Best Buys Before They’re Gone

Published on: Apr 28, 2015 @ 21:55 House of Wolves is just around the corner, and like any expansion, will bring with it a host of new goodies for you to feast on. However, this means that the old will have to make way for the new, and a lot of gear is going to disappear forever. With the ability to make any old Legendary relevant again by Ascending, this is a little troubling. “How will I know if I missed out on something crucial?” you plead, frozen in anxiety halfway between the Crucible and Vanguard Quartermasters, your Marks jangling