GameStop Upgraded Red Sparrow

For those of you who remember that GameStop poster we saw yesterday, it turns out GameStop has released a commercial for the promotion. Showcasing brand new footage, the video states that if you preorder Destiny from GameStop you will receive the Upgraded Red Sparrow (Otherwise known as the Shrike). The Upgraded Red Sparrow comes complete with better acceleration and a higher top speed. I have a feeling many people will not like this “exclusive bonus” because it gives more away than just a cosmetic benefit. Although there is an asterisk that states *the higher speeds and acceleration will also be available through

Everything we know about Destiny

This all-encompassing Destiny recap video reviews everything we know thus far about Destiny. It’s a long one, but if you’ve got the time I highly recommended refreshing your Destiny knowledge. Cheers to Destiny Updates for making it easy to digest. [divider] Video Timestamps Story and Setting: 3:49 Guardians: 8:54 Abilities & Gear: 11:57 Cooperative Multiplayer: 16:25 Competitive Multiplayer: 19:03 Enemies: 22:33 Locations: 26:43 Social & Economy: 29:39 Vehicles: 31:49 Matchmaking: 33:33 Misc. Important Details: 34:36 Closing: 40:13