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Is That Worth Buying?


Contributing Author: Joel


You can use Glass Needles to re-roll the Exotic armor.

Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Legacy Special Weapon Y1 Special 31
Zhalo Supercell Auto Rifle 23
The Taikonaut Titan Any Helm 13
Graviton Forfeit Hunter Nightstalker Helm 13
Alchemist’s Raiment Warlock Any Chest 13


Zhalo Supercell

  • Zhalo Supercell: Arc projectiles have the chance to chain lightning when enemies are close together.
  • Persistence: This weapon grows more accurate the longer it is fired.
  • Bolts from the Blue: Double kills with this weapon charge a small amount of Super energy and return ammo to the magazine.

Should I Buy It?

This auto rifle represents everything an Exotic should be, with a unique design, and a set of fun perks that can be deadly, while never bordering on overpowered. Its average base stats belie an untapped potential that can be unleashed with a proper playstyle and an appreciation for what the weapon does best. In PvE, this means unparalleled crowd control, taking advantage of a generous magazine and chains of Arc lightning. In PvP, it means spec’ing for control or range, according to the distances at which you do best, and reaping the benefits of flanking and staying mobile.

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The Taikonaut


  • 46 Discipline
  • 51 Intellect
  • Air Traffic Control: All Rocket Launchers gain tracking, radar remains visible while zooming with Heavy Weapons and Heavy Ammo drops drops more often.

Should I Buy It?

Reminiscent of the human astronauts who first discovered the Traveller on Mars, the Taikonaut’s old-school vibe brings with it a handy exotic perk.  When your RL lacks tracking, Taikonaut adds it for no charge whatsoever. Amusingly (and frustratingly), the perk is currently bugged to the effect that it removes tracking on launchers that already possess it. So, Truth becomes worse.

However, if you’e got a G&H baby that needs that little edge in PvE, the Taikonaut does nice things. It also increases the rate of Heavy Ammo drops, which has been known to be inconsistent on Exotics (see: Ruin Wings). You’ll still want boots with +Rocket Launcher ammo, so you can get 2 rockets guaranteed on a pickup, and store enough to justify an Exotic that focuses solely on them. 

In PvE, heavy ammo can be the difference in a team-wipe or not, so having more is certainly fantastic. In PvP, tracking rockets paired with Grenades & Horseshoes make it very difficult to miss. Plus, HMGs have a long time to aim down sights, and in game modes like Control, the extra radar can create some crazy killing sprees. The Taikonaut is must-buy for Titans.

“Radar remains visible while zooming with Heavy Weapons” is quite useful in PvP. With MGs and their slow movement/long ADS times often meaning the difference between a kill and a death, The Taikonaut can be the #1 choice for Machine Lord sprees.


Graviton Forfeit


  • 51 Intellect
  • 51 Strength
  • Elusive Shadow: Unlocks the Nightstalker subclass node Shadestep for free.

Should I Buy It?

To start, you’ve got an intellect/strength roll right off the bat – fantastic for Nightstalkers. Grenades can be clutch, but smoke has far greater utility for the subclass. The big deal here is getting Shadestep, the Nighstalker evade move, for free. Agile Hunters can use the evade to play mind games or escape out of a tight spot. 

Graviton Forfeit is a highly-specialized helmet that frees you up to select Keen Scout or Predator (just go Keen Scout), and is a favorite for Nightstalkers in PvP for this reason. In fact, that’s where this helmet will thrive best. With that said, it’s still a useful tool for escaping harm in PvE, too. Golgoroth’s gaze and the new HM Warpriest projectiles are obvious things for a well-timed Shadestep to make irrelevant. Still, you’re only going to get so much mileage in PvE out of not shooting – the overall goal should always be to stay in the fight and support your team


Alchemist’s Raiment


  • 107 Intellect
  • Iron into Gold: Chance to gain Glimmer on Primary Ammo pickup. Orbs collected when your Super is full recharge your grenades and melee.

Should I Buy It?

This chest piece is all about making the grind easier. It allows you to gather Glimmer faster than usual, and get through those strikes with endless grenades and melees if you’re playing Sunsinger and holding on to your Super for awhile. 87 Intellect is a Warlock’s best friend, but if you’re tight on coins the Raiment might not be your first pick overall. Very useful in the long run, but won’t immediately give you any competitive edge.

Being one of the few Y2 options with straight up +Heavy/+Special ammo, its intrinsic perk grants increased grenade/melee cooldown for every orb collected when your super is full. This synergizes excellently with several competitive PvE builds, including the never-gonna-super Sunsinger and the Tlaloc/Perpetual Charge Stormcaller.