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XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Xur is located by the Speaker

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Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Zhalo Supercell YES 23
Legacy Heavy Engram (Ghallarhorn) 31
An Insurmountable Skullfort Titan Striker Again?! 13
Radiant Dance Machines Hunter Any Yes 13
Obsidian Mind Warlock Voidwalker Yes (PvE) 13

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An Insurmountable Skullforte9a7b2aa024f8be7fceb3944fec426ce

Well, you guys know about this one by now. But if you didn’t get it last week, it’ll get you “Improved Transfusion” in addition to melee energy on spawn, plus grant every Titan subclass an additional melee charge. It may seem like this helmet was designed for Daft Punk Strikers, but it’s actually Defenders and Sunbreakers that see the most use of this perk.

Any content in which a melee kill or melting point proc is feasible is fair game for the Skullfort. Consider the usefulness of a panic overshield for when your first goes down, or a doubly lengthy debuff if your team’s DPS falls off. No, you won’t want to bring it into Lightswitch Nightfalls – but the myriad uses of the now-somewhat-extended Titan melee warrant its spot in your roster. Of course, if you aren’t committed to melee, then it’s basically just an Exotic paperweight.

High B tier for PvE. In PvP, no knocks against it for the extra melee charge/free melee energy on spawn – but Defenders would probably prefer No Backup Plans. Armamentarium provides a similar service, with a much more potent neutral tool in grenades.


Radiant Dance Machines4eebb6a2d52517a6dda2fe4c927157fa

Who’s ready to be frabjous? The mean, green, dancin’ machines are back and begging you to put on your dancing shoes.

Unfortunately for PvE, while they’ll give you an edge in mobility, their utility is highly limited and they earn a tier. The movement speed bonus ends as soon as you stop strafing, and you’re better off with a fly pair of Eao Jordans + Increased Control for Hunter-brand Skating.

However they are a compelling PvP option, and RDM fit this bill.

The increased ADS speed + MIDA Multi-Tool or other stacking Agility buffs, e.g. from the Chaperone, will give you an edge in chasing down opponents or pulling out that Crucial firefight victory with superior strafe speed. I’d still give Graviton Forfeit the edge for Nighstalkers, but Bladedancers and Gunslingers will want to seriously consider these babies for their Y2 shenanigans.


Obsidian Mind2f313e6e2218bdf8a780beb8496b6aa8

Warlocks of yesteryear be praised: the inscrutable, unfathomable, enigmatic denizen of The Realm of the Nine is trotting out 2015’s hottest ticket for Voidwalker just one week after allowing you to sample the sweetest fruits of the Sunsinger vine.

Stormcaller may have staying power, but Voidwalker is still top of its class for straight-up instant devastation with peerless orb generation. Without the hard cap of 5, you can still have the potential to easily generate 6-7 orbs by targeting a group (8 if you’re extremely lucky), and depending on the number of enemies, you’ll instantly generate a chunk of Super back.

Obsidian Mind can unleash an orb-productive Super with much more frequency, and while it can’t hang around for 25 unholy seconds, Voidwalker’s are free to get back to weapon DPS without locking themselves into a role. What’s more, you can re-roll your helm perks to land your favorites (though Inverse Shadow + Infusion can’t really be beat).

For OM VWs, those little Nightstalker orb sprinklings are even more important, and nothing is music to their ears more than the sound of some Taken spawning in with a Blight: “Oh look, target practice.”