xur worth buying suros regime stag

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
SUROS Regime Yes 23
Special Y1 Weapon Maybe 31
Immolation Fists Titan Sunbreaker Maybe 13
Radiant Dance Machines Hunter Any Yes 13
THE STAG Warlock Any No 13


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While Sunbreakers’ grenades aren’t terrible, Melting Point and Hammer of Sol are the best tools they have.

This is currently one of the better Exotics available for the Sunbreaker. By adding Explosive Pyre, free of charge, you are freed up to select either Flameseeker or Fleetfire, both of which can improve your game substantially.

Fleetfire doesn’t suit PvE especially well with its short-lived duration, so the ability to make your hammers accurate and lethal is reason enough to use them. However, beyond standard Gauntlet perks, they offer no bonus when your Super is up, so their usefulness diminishes when orbs and super energy is scarce.

The one-two punch of Flameseeker (Tracking for your Hammers, Agi+Rec) and Explosive Pyre is great for PvP, and even better for PvE. Titans should be looking to spread devastation with Hammer of Sol, and this Exotic allows you to do it that in EZMode, while not sacrificing two potentially great synergistic perks to do so.


Radiant Dance Machines4eebb6a2d52517a6dda2fe4c927157fa

Who’s ready to be frabjous? The mean, green, dancin’ machines are back and begging you to put on your dancing shoes.

Unfortunately for PvE, while they’ll give you an edge in mobility, their utility is highly limited and they earn a tier. The movement speed bonus ends as soon as you stop strafing, and you’re better off with a fly pair of Eao Jordans + Increased Control for Hunter-brand Skating.

However they are a compelling PvP option, and RDM fit this bill.

The increased ADS speed pairs wonderfully with MIDA Multi-Tool or other stacking Agility buffs, e.g. from the Chaperone, giving you an edge in chasing down opponents or pulling out that Crucial firefight victory with superior strafe speed. I’d still give Graviton Forfeit the edge for Nighstalkers, but Bladedancers and Gunslingers will want to seriously consider these babies for their Y2 shenanigans.


THE STAG1aee2cb010a0bebda7eb3387b0c5c948

In PvE, aside from being a re-rollable helmet, its usefulness is basically zilch. You’ll only be respawning when recovering from a wipe or by the grace of a teammate, and the chance for an Overshield and the short duration it lasts will not be relevant in your success in any content whatsoever.

In a Nightfall, this could be useful for Sunsingers looking to get Fireborn up quickly for a suicide revive, but if your teammates laugh at you for taking it into the Raid, don’t get mad at them. The STAG is a C tier in PvE.

Your mileage in PvP may vary, but it certainly seems more designed for this arena. We’ll probably see this helm in Crimson Doubles. With the absurd stat boosts and the ability to proc this frequently when your partner tries to play William Tell with a 1KYS, you might actually get your Super in record time, all while sponging damage with obscene Armor and baiting poke damage with lightning-fast Recovery. Even so, there are Exotics that will help you play better that don’t make you top-heavy with antlers.