Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Dec 05, 2014 @ 4:40

Xûr is in town offering new* gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?

*It’s not really new.



Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Plan C Any Any Fusion Rifle 17
Helm of Inmost Light Titan Striker Helm 13
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter Gunslinger Gauntlets 13
Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Any Helm 13

Remember: Don’t spend anything on perks yet if you plan on trading an Exotic in for an ultimate upgrade.

[divider]Plan Cplan c exotics destiny

Plan C again eh? Oh Xûr… you know how to mess with a Guardian’s emotions.

Well, at least it’s more powerful now with the latest patch:

  • Weapon Handling speed increased
  • Player Speed increased while Plan C is in hand

We have a full review for this weaponThis fusion rifle also made our Top 5 Fusion Rifles list!

It makes a wonderful secondary for critical moments, especially if you love using fusion rifles.

Should I buy it?

The gun is balanced and has great stats overall when compared to other Fusion Rifles, and has the highest reload speed.

This weapon’s defining perk allows for a very quick charge time, which will only activate when you switch to it, and has a cooldown. You can quickly whip it out and get off a devastating shot that can swing a firefight to your favor.

It works well even when using it as a primary since it holds five rounds in the magazine. There’s also a decent amount of options for upgrading its stability or range/accuracy so you can customize the weapon to your playstyle a little more. It’s definitely a balanced weapon overall.

Right now Fusion Rifles are very powerful in the Crucible, and this is one no exception. It’s worth picking up, so if you enjoy using Fusion Rifles, buy this (if you haven’t already)!


Stats Compared to Other Fusion Rifles

  • Above Average: Range, Stability, Reload Speed
  • Below Average: Charge Rate (except after switching to it)

Notable Talents

You’ll want to maximize your range, so go with Field Choke and Hammer Forged.

  • Hip Fire – This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.
  • Plan C – Charge and equip times are very short immediately after weapon swap.

[divider]Helm of Inmost Light (Striker)helm of inmost light exotic

The Helm of Inmost Light has many enticing upgrade perks. It’s Exotic alternative, An Insurmountable Skullfort, is comparable to this helm.


  • Invigoration – Reduces melee cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Light.
  • Recklessness – Provides Death from Above and Headstrong for Fist of Havoc.
  • Rain Blows – Increases melee attack speed.

Should I buy it?

Currently a must-own for Striker mains who want DPS targeted upgrade talents.

This helm will benefit your Fist of Havoc greatly by allowing you to aim it in midair and use it from a greater distance, which is useful for surprising opponents in PvP with the extended range, all without actually having to choose those talents!

It’s got a stat roll of 95/102 Strength this week, which is actually pretty high, and is higher than what it has hold for in the past.

While An Insurmountable Skullfort provides more health regenerating options, the Helm of Inmost Light focuses on maximum damage output and will make you even more deadly.

In The Dark Below, Striker’s will have access to Mk. 44 Stand Asides.


[divider]Light Beyond Nemesislight-beyond-nemesis-exotic

Light Beyond Nemesis has some very enticing upgrades. Similar to Apotheosis Veil, the helm will shine for people who support their team, whether in PvP or PvE. Being able to revive quicker is a valuable advantage in any situation.

Looking forward, Warlocks will be able to acquire Claws of Ahamkara in The Dark Below, which is also subclass neutral.


  • Snap Discharge – Increases melee speed.
  • Infusion – Replenishes health each time you pick up an Orb of Light.
  • Keeper of the Pack – Your Super spawns additional Orbs, you revive teammates faster, and they revive you faster.

Should I buy it?

For a team player who wants medic-like perks, this is a must-buy. It’s got 88/94 Strength, which will help out your melee special ability – combine that with Snap Discharge and you’re going out swinging!

This is an ideal helm for 3v3 Crucible, since you will be resurrecting teammates faster, and also in any PvE encounter.

The Apotheosis Veil is another Warlock Exotic helmet very similar to this, but probably not worth waiting for; You’ll get more use out of the upgrades for Light Beyond Nemesis.


[divider]Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Gunslinger)young ahamkara's spine

Each class only has 1 pair of gauntlets until The Dark Below is released. These are specifically meant for the Gunslinger’s, with its improved Tripmine perk.


  • Special Weapon Loader – Increases the reload speed of all Special Weapons.
  • Ashes to Asset – Replenish Super energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Improved Tripmine Grenade – Tripmine grenades last longer when placed.

Should I buy it?

Unfortunately the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets look great, but probably aren’t going to be worth picking up.

These perks are OK, but they’re situational, and definitely aren’t as good as some of the other Hunter Exotics. It’s got a decent stat roll of  88/95 Discipline, which will give you more frequent access to your grenades.

The Tripmine is only going to last for an additional 30 seconds, but that extra time might be just enough time to help you capture a zone and block movement.

We recommended that you wait for an Exotic helm such as Knucklehead Radar – something you can use with both subclasses, or even the ATS/8 ARACHNID (for Gunslinger’s) that’s coming with The Dark Below.