Xur Location and Inventory | 5/21 – 5/24/2021

Greetings, Guardians! Hope everything’s going great. Xur is hanging out at the Tower Hangar this weekend. Read on to see if he’s brought the goods.

This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries:

Monte Carlo

AAn old favorite from D1, the Monte Carlo has arrived to help you lay the smackdown on your enemies. Literally. If you like punching stuff half as much as I do, you’re in luck; this Exotic Auto Rifle comes with the Monte Carlo Method Exotic perk, lowering melee ability cooldown with successful shots. Even better? The Method gives Monte Carlo kills a chance to fully reset your melee ability. After spraying or punching your way to a kill, the Markov Chain perk gives the Monte Carlo a damage buff, plus some ammo on melee kills.

This gun was a blast in D1, and I’m told it only gets better here. Pick it up, fire it, punch stuff, and get rewarded.

And for 23 Legendary Shards, Xur offers:

Astrocyte Verse

Are you a Voidwalker who loves to Blink everywhere, but hates the internal cool down and lack of Radar? The Astrocyte Verse is here for you. Its Exotic perk, Move to Survive, lets you recover from Blinks and draw your weapon faster after Blinking. You also gain Blink distance and keep your Radar up. It isn’t the flashiest, but if you really like Blinking everywhere, it’s worth looking at.

Gemini Jester

Gemini Jester is a strange pair of Hunter pants designed to confuse your foes. The Jester’s Misdirection perk allows you to disorient enemies you dodge roll near, turning off radar in PvP scenarios. Interesting concept, but pretty niche, even by my standards. Give them a shot if you’re feeling lucky.


The Dunebois are back again, and they’re still good. Buy them if you didn’t the last couple of times. Linear Actuators give your Titan a faster sprint and chain melee damage to foes close to your original target. Go fast. Punch stuff. It’s as easy as that.

Xur also carries an Exotic Engram, providing a random piece of Exotic armor for 97 Legendary Shards, the Five of Swords for Nightfalls, and The Invitation of the Nine for 9 Legendary Shards, if you haven’t completed that quest yet.

To keep in short and sweet, I’m a fan of everything here except Gemini Jester. That said, it’s the first time that particular Exotic has made an appearance in quite a while, so pick it up if you don’t have it yet.

See you next week!