Xur Location and Inventory | 2/11 -2/14/2022

Greetings, Guardians! Hope you’re doing well. Xur is on Nessus this week. Read on to see his products.

This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries:

Graviton Lance

The Graviton Lance is an interesting Exotic Pulse Rifle. Thanks to its high-recoil two-round burst, playing with it can feel a bit closer to a Scout Rifle than a Pulse. Getting over that small learning curve has upside, though; the Lance’s Black Hole intrinsic perk takes away the second shot’s damage falloff and raises its damage.

And for 23 Legendary Shards, Xur offers:

Winter’s Guile

Winter’s Guile is a set of Exotic Arms designed to make your Warlock beat enemies into space dust more efficiently. Kill something with a melee, and Warlord’s Sigil activates, giving you more Melee damage to keep the flurry of blows coming.

Lucky Raspberry

A throwback Exotic, Lucky Raspberry is a Hunter Chest piece that gives your Arc grenades a bit more of everything. The Probability Matrix Exotic Perk makes your Arcbolt Grenades chain further and gives them a chance to reset on damage.

Mask of the Quiet One

Titans are treated this week to an excellent Exotic helmet in the Mask of the Quiet One. Dreaded Visage, its Exotic perk, gives you energy for everything except your Super when you take damage, and Void ability kills trigger health regen. Unless you somehow consistently avoid getting hit, this helmet is a great pickup.

Xur also carries an Exotic Engram, providing a random piece of Exotic armor for 97 Legendary Shards, along with the Exotic Quest “The Question.”

The Witch Queen DLC added Legendary weapons and armor to Xur’s weekly drops, at 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer per item. They are:

See you next week!