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Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Dec 18, 2015 @ 03:55



He’s located in the Tower Hangar bar. Check out what the community is saying about this gear!

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Hard Light Maybe 23
Y1 Special Weapon Maybe 31
An Insurmountable Skullfort (33/48 INT, 34/39 STR) Titan Striker Yes 13
Achlyophage Symbiote (67/82 INT) Hunter Gunslinger Yes 13
Heart of the Praxic Fire (43/63 INT, 42/62 DISC) Warlock Sunsinger Yes 13


An Insurmountable Skullfort

  • 33/48 Intellect
  • 34/39 Strength


Worth Buying?

No revamped Titan Exotic this week either, just the good ol’ Skullfort. This helm remains between a B and low A tier Exotic in PvE, depending on your class setup and needs. Of note is its increased usefulness for Strikers with the recently buffed “Amplify” boosting Super recovery substantially. As always, Melting Point Sunbreakers love it, and Defenders who are confident in spreading around Force Barrier can’t complain either (though No Backup Plans and Saint-14 are compelling alternatives).

Twist Fate? No

Invigorate and Hands-On are guaranteed on this one, so the only thing you can reroll are the stats, and the choice between Heavy Lifting and Second Thoughts. Intellect/Strength is what a Titan using this helmet should aim for, and Heavy Lifting is as good a perk as Second Thoughts really. Twisting would be a waste of a needle.


Achlyophage Symbiote

  • 67/82 Intellect75d4a2bc6b713ce6fd75750e6fcfcc53

Worth Buying?

The Symbiote remains one of the most powerful Exotics for Gunslingers; it’s just a shame that doesn’t mean much these days. With its time to fire reduced mightily, its chance for multi-kills in the Crucible is drastically lower compared to that of other “roaming” Supers. Even so, if you’ve got your four targets picked out, an extra Golden Gun shot is still a terrifying sight to behold. Recall too that Sunbreakers can be one shot with a GG bullet.

In PvE, if you’re playing Gunslinger (for fun, I guess?), the Achlyophage Symbiote gets a high B tier. Barring a major buff, the Gunslinger can no longer hang with the other classes; Bungie has created a mechanic (tether) that is too essential to leave out of a team composition. Consider this B a message to Bungie that GS is perilously weak compared to NS in PvE.

Twist Fate? Yes

With Achylophage, you’re going to want all the trimmings. That means Inverse Shadow, and whatever orb perk you feel best suits your playstyle. Better Already and Infusion are best for survivability in endgame content, but Innervation will do in a pinch. It’s worth noting the roll he’s selling isn’t bad at all for PvP, but PvE is a different ballgame. I’d try to get Intellect/Disc (high/low) for a perfect roll, but the Int/Str he’s got right now is fine for non min-maxers. In summation, PvP: Maybe twist; PvE: Definitely twist.


Heart of the Praxic Fire

  • 43/63 Intellect
  • 42/62 Discipline36adfe4ae1a1b7f70e91b1bb3502492f

Worth Buying?

Warlocks are going to have to wait for another Y1 Exotic too. Heart of the Praxic Fire returns, and as always it represents a strong option for offensive-minded Sunsingers. Sunsingers retain a valuable place in the PvE metagame as “oops button” champions, and with this Exotic, they can also launch crazy volleys of Fusion/Solar/Firebolt Grenades, all incredibly strong options for different fights. Just make sure to spec enough Discipline to really make use of it.

With enough supplementary weapon fire, it’s one of the best ways to still make 7 orbs in this game. A low A tier in PvE, and definitely worth trying in PvP. Firebolts may have been neutered somewhat, but with a Touch of Flame and a Viking Funeral, anyone can tell you they’re still worth running from.

Twist Fate? Maybe

As Fusion Rifle Ammo no longer includes Sleeper Simulant as a subset, my advice is to probably reroll this one. However, increased Hand Cannon ammo could be reason enough for some of you to keep the current roll, as even the best HCs still struggle with reserve ammunition. What’s more, the perfect Int/Disc split is pretty appealing too. Even still, I’d probably roll for Sniper Ammo first, as you’re guaranteed the precious Solar Armor according to the Armory.