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Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Dec 11, 2015 @ 03:55


He’s located near the Crucible Quartermaster. Check out what the community is saying about this gear!

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Monte Carlo Yes 23
Y1 Primary 31
Helm of Inmost Light (35/50 INT, 36/51 STR) Titan Striker Maybe 13
Radiant Dance Machines (40/58 INT, 37/55 STR) Hunter Any Yes 13
Nothing Manacles (52/65 DISC) Warlock Voidwalker Yes 13


Helm of Inmost Lightd77bec61bf5812b9d9155a31230465b7

  • 35/50 Intellect
  • 36/51 Strength

Worth Buying?

The proud Striker Super Helmet isn’t new, but it is yours to purchase for a measly 13 Strange Coins. This Exotic’s usefulness is wholly dependent on how much you like that Striker Fist of Havoc. It’s actually a little bit better than it once was (thanks 2.1.0) with the all-purpose sprint speed buff to Headstrong.

Even so, it scratches a low B tier at best, as the intrinsic perk limits the unique benefits of this helmet to acting on the one-shot-one-chance Fist of Havoc instead of a more all-purpose utility roll. Conversely, now that its secondary perks are now longer limited to hideous Melee-based builds, it is in a stronger place overall.

Twist Fate? Yes

As usual, Inverse Shadow is tops for PvE. Better Already/Infusion are arguably top-tier, though Innervation will do in a pinch. In fact, even Invigoration (with the incredible buff to Amplify) translates to more Super for the HoIL fan. And the best news is you’re going to end up with a nice chunk of Intellect no matter what your secondary roll is – not bad!


Radiant Dance Machines4eebb6a2d52517a6dda2fe4c927157fa

  • 40/58 Intellect
  • 37/55 Strength

Worth Buying?

Who’s ready to be frabjous? The mean, green, dancin’ machines are back and begging you to put on your dancing shoes. Unfortunately for PvE, while they’ll give you an edge in mobility, their utility is highly limited and they earn a Ctier. However, with certain Exotics I will tell you to ignore my PvE tier if they present a compelling PvP option, and RDM fit this bill.

The increased ADS speed pairs wonderfully with MIDA Multi-Tool or other stacking Agility buffs, e.g. from the Chaperone, giving you an edge in chasing down opponents or pulling out that Crucial firefight victory with superior strafe speed. I’d still give Graviton Forfeit the edge for Nighstalkers, but Bladedancers and Gunslingers will want to seriously consider these babies for their Y2 shenanigans.

Twist Fate? No

Besides stats, only the ammo perks can roll differently. What we have now is Sniper Ammo and Machine Gun ammunition. I tend to place MG and Rocket Ammo on an even playing field (Quillum’s Terminus vs. Y2 Dragon’s Breath: tough call), but Sniper Ammo is by far the most useful +Special Ammo. Int/Strength is ideal for BD and NS, and you’ll have your pick of the litter when it comes to Double Down Agility bonuses either way.


Nothing Manaclesde41fa5a1dc451db221d133191dd56ae

  • 62/65 Discipline

Worth Buying?

Hey look at that, a twofold Y2 knockout. And the Nothing Manacles might just be the most exciting news Voidwalkers have got in weeks. These powerful gauntlets grant you an amped up version of Scatter Grenades, in addition to a single extra charge that can be consumed at any time. They won’t recharge concurrently, but transitions and downtime can be used to give the 2-grenade Voidwalker maximum crowd control and trash disposal potential when they have precise aim.

The recent patch toned down the tracking ability of the grenades, which is a disappointment, but if it’s still reliable, I’d give the Nothing Manacles a low A tier for their PvE strength. In PvP, they’re particularly deadly in objective gameplay, functioning as mini Nova Bombs in conjunction with Bloom when clearing out a control point. Definitely worth a shot if you like to change it up with Voidwalker in the Crucible.

Twist Fate? Maybe

You’re going to get a healthy portion of Discipline no matter how many times you re-roll, so it comes down to if you want a split-stat roll or not. I personally think this high disc/low int one is fine. Energy Projection is probably your best bet in the second slot to guarantee pristine placement of your precious Scatter Grenades, so you’re good on that front with this roll too.

It comes down to your satisfaction with the final column. HC Loader is one of the better options for Primaries, and Rocket Launcher Loader very interesting with the advent of Y2 Dragon’s Breath. Absent Outlaw/Spray & Play, Sniper Rifle Loader will always be hard to pass up, though.