Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Apr 17, 2015 @ 3:25

Xûr is in town offering new gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?

Remember to finish the Urn of Sacrifice quest before he leaves!



Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
The Last Word Any Any Hand Cannon 23
Helm of Inmost Light Titan Striker Helm 13
Radiant Dance Machines Hunter Any Boots 13
Voidfang Vestments Warlock Voidwalker Chest 13

Plan on buying an Exotic Chest? Pick up an Engram first!

[divider]The Last Wordthe last word destiny exotic hand cannon

This fast-firing beast is perfect the the Crucible, leading to very quick TTK because of its Fan Fire perk. It’s easily one of the best hand cannon choices for close-medium range PvP, but loses its value when it comes to PvE content.

Check out how we place it in our PvP and PvE Exotic tier list.

Should I buy it?

Yeah, it’s worth picking up. Check out our full review though if you’re on the fence.

If you enjoy the Crucible, and prefer using hand cannons, it doesn’t get much better than this.

You’re meant to hip fire it, and unfortunately its got almost the worst range, so you’ll need to be fairly close to your enemies.


Stats Compared to Other Hand Cannons

  • Above Average: Rate of Fire
  • Below Average: Range, Impact

Notable Perks

  • Hip Fire: This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.
  • Last Word: Bonus damage and stability. Extra precision damage when firing from the hip.

[divider]Helm of Inmost Lighthelm of inmost light exotic review

A great helm for the Crucible, it ranked in tier 1 for our Titan Exotic PvP list.

It’s got an excellent 117/125 Strength roll, while the max is about 130.


  • Rain Blows – Increases melee attack speed.
  • Invigoration – Reduces melee cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Light.
  • Recklessness – Provides Death from Above and Headstrong for Fist of Havoc.

Should I buy it?

Helm of Inmost Light is probably the best Striker Titan Exotic helmet. Its unique perk will grant you the Death from Above and Headstrong talents for Fist of Havoc, allowing you to customize your talent loadout even more, and making your Super that much more powerful.

With this helm, you can spec for Transfusion since you’re not getting any health benefits directly from Helm of Inmost Light‘s perks.

The other perks and stats are really built around your melee ability. Picking up an Orb will decrease your melee cooldown, and you also attack faster with melee abilities. The helm also gives you Strength, further reducing the cooldown time of your melee ability.

Invigoration, while arguably better than Infusion, is still situational. However, everything else on the Helm of Inmost Light is enough to warrant any Striker wearing this helm into battle.

[divider]Radiant Dance Machinesradiant dance machines exotic boots

If you are looking for a new toy to play with in PvP, they’re worth trying, but generally not useful enough to warrant consistent use.

These boots have an insane 140/150 Strength, nearly its maximum.


  • Heavy Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Heavy Weapon ammunition you can carry.
  • The Dance – You move more quickly while aiming your weapon.

Should I buy it?

These boots are specific for a certain type of player. Some may find these helpful if they value quicker movement, but Exotic helms, gauntlets, or chests would be a better option most of the time.

Radiant Dance Machines are built around being more mobile while aiming. For a high mobility build, they can be a solid choice for a Hunter that’s trying to avoid crossfire.

“The Dance” perk won’t give you a huge increase in speed, but it is helpful enough to build around. Your ADS movement speed will be almost doubled from what’s normal.

Combine these boots with the MIDA Multi-Tool and high agility, and it’ll be like floating on air! If you want to further increase your speed, be sure to use the “Path Unknown” and “Way of the Drifter” talents.

Similar to the Mk. 44 Stand Asides, these will increase your heavy ammo as well, so coupling them with a machine gun in PvP will be your best bet.

We don’t recommend using these in PvE, since you won’t find much benefit from moving faster while aiming.

[divider]Voidfang Vestmentsvoidfang vestments warlock

The Voidfang Vestments is the only Voidwalker-specific exotic chest piece. The Improved Axion Bolt perk will buff the (amazing) Axion Bolt grenades, which means more consistent kills.

It has an above average roll of 145/155 Strength, maxing out at about 170.


  • Hand Cannon Ammo – Increases the amount of Hand Cannon ammunition you can carry.
  • Special Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Special Weapon ammunition you can carry.
  • Improved Axion Bolt – Your Axion Bolt grenade spawns an additional seeker. Respawn with full grenade energy.

Should I buy it?

If you don’t participate in the Crucible, the Skull of Dire AhamkaraClaws of Ahamkara, or Obsidian Mind might be a better option… but this chest is great in PvP.

If you are playing as a Voidwalker, combining the Improved Axion Bolt perk with the Vortex Mastery ability (which increases the range of Axion Bolt) will make your grenades lethal and better at clearing out larger areas.

Because the Voidfang Vestments give you Strength, your Energy Drain or Scorch abilities will recharge quicker. This works well in tandem with a Voidwalker as Energy Drain reduces grenade cooldown, giving you another Axion Bolt grenade very quickly.