Weekly Update 6.6.14

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This week at Bungie, we launched the next phase of our mission.

While you read these words, some of us are enjoying a low orbit above the Earth. A bed of clouds blankets our perspective as we roar toward a waypoint over the horizon. Cruising altitude provides a nice break in the action that has prepared us for take-off. The mind can wander, drink in the high-altitude scenery, and probe for answers to the questions that propel us forward on our quest.

Will this mission be rewarding?

Who might we meet in public spaces?

What treasures may we claim as our own?

Could hostile resistance be lurking in the unknown?

If this all sounds like a safari to hunt down some Fallen, your imagination has run away with you. We like you that way. For the time being, we’re only talking about our journey to E3. But hold that original thought – don’t let us stop you from enjoying the idea of Guardians seeking out fortune and glory in the wild frontier.


Vanguards among us have been on the ground at our destination for days now. With a handshake and wishes for safe and speedy travels, we sent them ahead to clear a landing zone. Steadily, and as sure as the hand of a Hunter clutching a revolver bathed in light, we’re touching down to join the team.

Soon, that strange city will bustle with more activity than a public event in Old Russia. Adventurers from every corner of our globe will descend upon the stomping grounds to unravel the secrets buried amidst the chaos. We’ll be there to stand our ground and control our territory.

You may find yourself asking: “How can I get in on this?”

For a long time now, you’ve asked us for information about this game. It has occurred to me that what you’re really asking for is understanding. What does it really feel like to be a Guardian? What tangible truths about the evolution of a warrior lie behind vague promises of action and loot? How can a gamer become a legend?

You have plenty of information. The context behind your chatter seems to run deeper.

“What does it all mean?” we can hear you think.

That’s why we’ve taken to the skies. Our mission objective is to blow this thing wide open. You might not yet get to play, but we do wish to move you closer to that level of understanding that you have craved.

Wish us luck. Wish every single one of us luck. May we all lay claim to what we go in search of this week.
Everything we’re doing at E3 is aimed ast answering questions. Since the opening ceremonies are a full week away, let’s open the Sack.


EmperorPalpotato: What does being the leader of a Fireteam get you?

Control! A Fireteam is a combat unit. Any good fighting force needs a leader to select the mission and navigate a course to action. Your mates in that Fireteam will count on you. It will be your responsibility to keep a tight formation out there, and return them home safely once you’ve achieved your objective.
By the way, you win the award for best username this week.


Pfhorunner: I’m curious about how much control Jason Jones has over major aspects of the game these days.

Jason Jones is our Fireteam leader. It’s a bigger team than you’ll control in Destiny, but he’s been our guide in the creative expedition that has led us to this brave new world. Destiny began as an impossible idea. Now that our tech has caught up with our imagination, we can roam about inside of what he was thinking about so many years ago.

As you can imagine, we’re pretty anxious to show off more of that world. That’s why this moment in time is so exciting. Maybe you’ll even hear from our fearless leader himself before the week is out.


Finalsite: What exactly will be played at the Destiny portion of E3?

Depends on who’s doing the playing. For the brave and the patient, we’ll be hosting a competitive engagement in our booth. Guardian will battle Guardian for the first time for control of the arena.

More exclusive encounters will lure brave investigators deeper into the world we’ve been building. Behind those closed doors, the promise of choosing your adventure will become less of a mystery.


Ichthyne: Will we see anything about factions and how they work at E3?

Yes. I think you will. It all depends on how curious the people who attend are when it comes to future agents of humanity. What are their motives for hurling Guardians into the unknown wilderness of our abandoned worlds?


TheRedHunter: Will there be any more vehicles announced in E3?

You just might intercept some chatter that escapes our booth. Keep your ear to the ground of the Internet.


Astro4545: Do you think that your fans are ready?

You’re more than ready. Some of you have daydreamed about this game for years. Frankly, we don’t know how you do it. It’s humbling to see so many people who are eager to get their hands on what we’ve been describing. We owe it to you to do this right, which is why you’re made to wait for moments like the ones we have planned for this week.

As this update draws to a close, another member of our away team might be on their descent to arrival. Stay tuned for the show, Guardians. We’ll see you on the other side.