The Vex

Sun Tzu once said ‘If you know your enemy and know yourself, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”.

A kind of modified terminator-alien hybrid, The vex are definitely the race that is most influenced by Sci-Fi and they’re made from a material like hammered, burnished bronze.

Community member DBMgamer0722 has a great video revealing all of the Vex classes and a few of their mysteries.

Hailing from the Citadel, their home base on the lush planet of Venus, the Vex are a time-traveling race of robotic enemies who overwhelm their enemies with what feels like an infinite army. Devoid of fear or emotion, the Vex ever-forward, ceaselessly destroying anything in their path. No one’s sure what they want, except to wipe out anything that stands between them and total domination of all space and time. In other words, you’re going to want to pack some extra ammo.


  • Harpies: Smaller flying death-machines known for darting in and out of combat, take aim when they open up their shells.
  • Goblines: Swarming infantry soldiers, persistent and overwhelming. Take them out one at a time, and dont let the numbers scare you.
  • HobGoblins: A larger version of the Goblins, featuring distinctive tails, claws and a penchant for stealing your life.
  • Minotaurs: The largest Vex infantry soldiers, identifiable by a bulky frame and three illuminated eyes. Speed is key for survival.
  • Hydras: Hovering industrial centipedes complete with turrets in their joints. Make every shot count.