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Vex Mythoclast Max Attack (via DeeJ)

If you guys follow our Twitter or Facebook, we shared this a few days ago, and you already know about this.

For those who don’t, DeeJ confirmed that neither the Vex Mythoclast or┬áVoG Legendary weapons will be updated to the standard 331 Attack.

The Vex Mythoclast will not be bumped up to 331 Attack.

The Vex Mythoclast (while branded as an Exotic) is bound as a reward to the Vault of Glass. Thus, it shall be frozen in time. I cannot predict the future. For now, it will remain as it is… the most dreaded gun in PVP.

On the topic of Legendary VoG weapons,

[331 Attack is] only for Exotics. Our Visions of Confluences are still frozen in time. I love that gun, too. I’ll continue to beg for future solutions.