house of wolves updated exotics

Updated Exotics, PoE, Trials, Queen, & IB

Published on: May 16, 2015 @ 02:28

The House of Wolves Exotics have been updated with their final perks, icons, and names! The following list will show off each of the new Exotic armor and weapons.

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Hunter Titan Warlock
Celestial Nighthawk Eternal Warrior The Ram
Khepri’s Sting ACD/0 Feedback Fence Purifier Robes
Bones of Eao Peregrine Greaves Nothing Manacles


Prison of Elders

Weapons (via Weapon Core)

house of wolves fallen weapons

II Weapons (element)

Each of these weapons has a random elemental damage type, and have identical stats as their non-“II” counterpart.

They have a chance at dropping from the level 35, after killing Skolas.

Fallen-themed Weapon Perks

prison elders fallen weapon perks
These can roll on any PoE (Fallen-themed) weapon


Hunter Titan Warlock
Kellhunter’s Sight Kellslayer’s Helm
Kellhunter’s Blood Kellslayer’s Cuirass Kellbreaker’s Cloak
Kellhunter’s Rally Kellslayer’s Grips Kellbreaker’s Gloves
Kellhunter’s Path Kellslayer’s Greaves Kellbreaker’s Path
Kellhunter’s Hood Mark of a Kellslayer “Dread’s Enmity”

Fallen-themed Armor Perks


Trials of Osiris

Weapons (Kinetic)

Adept Weapons (element)

Similar to the “II” set of PoE weapons, these four will have a random damage type.

Watcher’s Armor

Hunter Titan Warlock
Watchers’ Grips Watchers’ Gauntlets Watchers’ Gloves
Watchers’ Plate Watchers’ Robe
Watchers’ Boots Watchers’ Greaves Watchers’ Boots
trials of osiris breakdown
Exile armor set

Exile Armor (endgame)

Hunter Titan Warlock
Cover of the Exile Helm of the Exile Hood of the Exile
Grips of the Exile Gauntlets of the Exile Gloves of the Exile
Vest of the Exile Plate of the Exile Robe of the Exile
Boots of the Exile Greaves of the Exile Legs of the Exile
Cloak of the Exile Mark of the Exile Bond of the Exile


Queen’s Guard



Hunter Titan Warlock
Queen’s Guard Mask Queen’s Guard Helm Queen’s Guard Hood
Queen’s Guard Grips Queen’s Guard Gauntlets Queen’s Guard Gloves
Queen’s Guard Vest Queen’s Guard Plate Queen’s Guard Robes
Queen’s Guard Boots Queen’s Guard Greaves Queen’s Guard Boots
Cloak of the Sixth Reign Mark of the Queen’s Guard Bond of the Queen’s Guard


Iron Banner


Hunter Titan Warlock
Iron Breed Mask Iron Breed Great Helm Iron Breed Hood
Iron Breed Sleeves Iron Breed Gauntlets Iron Breed Gloves
Iron Breed Vest Iron Breed Plate Iron Breed Vestments
Iron Breed Boots Iron Breed Greaves Iron Breed Boots
Mantle of Perun Silimar’s Iron Sash Felwinter’s Iron Bond