How to Unlock the Final Monitor (Outbreak Prime)

The word is out: hardworking Guardians cracked the ARG code and the in-game puzzle to unlock a quest leading to that crazy SIVA-fied Exotic Pulse Rifle we’ve all been wondering about: Outbreak Prime.


Step 1: Activate Prior Monitors

The entire raid party needs to stay together; no one should leave to go to Orbit or you’ll risk the Monitors resetting.

Step 2: Server and Canister Rooms

You’ll need a full fireteam of 6 to pull this off! Here are the roles you need to hand out:

  • Column Monitor: This Guardian heads to the left (from the entrance) Monitor in the server room. The binary numbers they get will tell the Section Guardians what column to jump to.
  • Row Monitor: This Guardian heads to the right (from the entrance Monitor in the server room. The binary numbers they get will tell the Section Guardians what row to jump to.
  • Section 00-03: These Guardians will be jumping on 1 Canister per section.

After clearing adds, the Monitor Guardians go straight to their monitors and wait. The Section Monitors have a little more to do.

Here’s a handy map of the Canister room for reference, showing each section as well as the rows and columns:

Jump on these first to activate the monitors! map via /u/bigd5783
Jump on these first to activate the monitors! map via /u/bigd5783

You’ll notice there are four canisters highlighted already – these are the canisters the Section Guardians need to jump on to activate the puzzle. Once you’ve all jumped on those canisters, a noise will sound indicating that something has powered up, and the Monitor Guardians will be able to activate their Monitors. 

At that point, the Section Guardians should get off of the Canisters and return the the bridges to wait their turns.

Monitor 1 = Column | Monitor 2 = Row

Step 3: Do the thing (x4)

  • Activate / Read Monitors: To start the puzzle, activate the Monitors. The left monitor’s binary number will indicate the column, and the right monitor’s number will be the row. 
    • You’re going to do this once for each section, so make sure everyone knows when it’s their turn.
    • Use this app!
  • Activate Canister: After the converted numbers are called, the Section Guardian needs to jump out to the appropriate Canister and stand on it.
  • Once you land on your Canister, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for it to trigger.
  • When it activates, you’ll hear an activation sound and the Canister will glow faintly white.
Binary Decimal
0000 0
0001 1
0010 2
0011 3
0100 4
0101 5
0110 6

Section 00 goes first, then Section 01, then 02, and finally 03. The Monitors will need to be activated for each section, so the Monitor Guardians just have to convert and all the numbers out for the next Section.

NOTE: It is possible for the Monitor numbers to “change” to the same number for the next section. It doesn’t mean it’s not working, it’s just RNG.

Step 4: Instant Gratification

Once you successfully complete the puzzle above, the giant diamond in the middle of the Canister Room will open up, revealing a chamber. Well done, Guardians! You’ve found the missing monitor and there’s a chest in there to open as well.

Step 5: Beat Aksis and get the Quest!

Continue your raid to its conclusion, and after you beat Aksis you’ll be able to deactivate all of the laser grids guarding that final chest. When you open it up, you’ll get a SIVA Engine and unlock a new quest that will ultimately lead you to Outbreak Prime!