the 4th horseman exclusive

Undying Mind Video + Vendor Gear!

Published on: Dec 6, 2014 @ 13:07 had a live stream of The Undying Mind today at their PS Experience event.

The following gear was shown off:

*Disregard the introduction of this video with the Attack values – explained below.

[divider]288 Base Attack?

Notice the Dragon’s Breath at 288 Attack in the video? The first time we saw this weapon’s Attack value, which was only a couple weeks ago, it was at 302.

In the video above we speculated about Xur, but in retrospect, they probably just altered the Attack value so that the weapons wouldn’t be too powerful for the demo.

[divider]Vendor Gear

It appears as though the Light rating for vendor armor will max out at 33, and vendor weapons will have a max Attack rating of 331!

Obviously this gear will require level 20 though.

[divider]Timed PS Exclusive Content Trailer

This article talked about these exclusives and more, but at the PlayStation Experience event today, we’ve now got some video footage of them:

Your can check out the stats and perks for The 4th Horseman here.