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Destiny Taken King: Fusion Rifle Guide

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Beginner Tips

  • If someone shows up on your radar, consistently tap the trigger as you gauge where they are trying to get the jump on you from.
    • As they get closer, don’t be afraid to let loose a full charge if they could be rounding a corner or rushing.
  • Try to predict where enemies are going – a good practice for this is rumble versus shotgun “warriors” who try to engage head on.
  • Fusion rifles have a very high ammo capacity, second only to sidearms, so don’t be afraid to use them aggressively when rounding corners where you think enemies are.
  • Be ready to take out a primary if the person doesn’t die instantly from your charge.
  • Experiment to find the Fusion archetype/niche that fits your style; EACH INDIVIDUAL FUSION functions differently.



Aim towards the lower half of your opponent’s body, as all fusions kick up no matter the stability. The goal is to get 5-7 pellets of a charge to connect with the target.

As you get further away from your opponent, aim lower than the torso.


Stats & Perks

  • Range: Increases particle speed, indirectly proportional to aim assistance
  • Stability: Tightens the spray cone of the pellets fired by a fusion rifle, required for longer range killed and a staple for low impact fusions
  • Aim Assistance: Increases the amount that bullets “bend” to their target; more aim assistance = crazier bend
  • Charge Rate: How fast a fusion will charge
  • Impact: How hard a fusion rifle hits (Between 37-50 damage per pellet)

fusion rifle guide best perks

Braced Frame

  • The standalone choice for most fusion rifles, its only competition is rifled barrel.

Rifled Barrel

Accelerated Coils

  • Reduces charge time and impact slightly, works extremely well for the Thesan FR4.

Hot Swap

  • When you switch to your fusion rifle, a 4-second buff is applied that increases cone stability and aim assistance MASSIVELY for the allotted time.


  • Increases the BASE range of the fusion by 20% while aiming down the sights of the weapon(ADS). For example, the Panta Rhei has a base range of 36. Rangefinder takes 20% of 36 and adds it on, making the effective range 43.

Eye of the Storm

  • This directly increases stability and aim assistance; only activates when you are wounded around 40% health.

Hidden Hand

  • Get more ridiculous shots at range + “bend” bullets more aggressively with higher AA.

Rescue Mag

  • Instantly refill a magazine, unfortunately not reserve ammo.


  • Another “when health is low” mechanic, this one increasing range. Don’t throw out a good rolled rifle if it has this perk, you can make it work.


These are the perks you are looking for on a regular fusion, in no particular order.

  • Rangefinder
  • Rifled Barrel
  • Braced Frame
  • Hidden Hand
  • Hot Swap


Thesan FR4

The god roll for the Thesan is a special case and was sold in the first package ever sold by the gunsmith, the combination is as follows:

  • Candle/Torch sight
  • Hot swap
  • Accelerated Coils
  • Rangefinder

Ashraven’s Flight

This gun is very unique in that it can roll all perks and scopes available to fusion rifles, the god roll goes as follows:

  • Hidden Hand Eye of The Storm
  • Braced Frame/Rifled Barrel
  • Hot Swap/Rangefinder


Don’t Forget!

  • Fusion rifles are surprisingly good at aerial play, especially when hip firing in semi-shotgun range
    • This is increased by the perk “Hip Fire” which is present on Plan C and the perk “Icarus”
  • Positioning is absolutely everything
  • Use grenades and good movement to bring players directly into your own choke points
  • Know where map choke points and doorways are so you can lead unsuspecting players to their energy-based doom


The New Hotness

Fusion rifles are underused and downright overpowered in the right hands. There are many types, and each one functions differently. The perks define the way its cone spreads and travel speed.

And remember: “Good fighters have contingency plans. Great fighters don’t need them.”