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Trials Loadouts & Tips (Crucible Radio #20 Recap)

Published on: Nov 2, 2015 @ 13:55

The Festival of the Lost has been a blast the past week, but in the world of Crucible Radio, there’s only one thing on our minds – Trials of Osiris!

To prepare for the highest level of competition in Destiny, there are a few major subjects to focus on. The latest episode discusses what you should do to be successful.



It sounds obvious, but it’s important to remember that a smart loadout is the first and foremost important layer to preparing for Trials. It’s always good to play with a gun you enjoy (Birds has really connected with Hereafter as of late), but equipping yourself with the best weapons and gear is absolutely necessary – if you’re not, you’re only putting yourself at a disadvantage. CR is running pulse rifles and snipers – they dominate the current meta and will be super effective for the next couple weekends especially.

You can find a playlist of our weapons reviews here.

Mental Game

When the competition reaches such heights, being in a solid mental space can make or break a Trials run. It’s not wrong to get energized, worked up, even a little frustrated – many types of emotions can be good. What it’s important to avoid, however, is “tilt” a now commonly used phrase to describe when frustration gets the better of a player. Crucible Radio employs a variation of moves to stay in the right head space: remember to have fun, breathe and stretch between matches, and communicate with your team. It’s also possible to turn adrenaline and frustration into fuel, as long as you’re constantly self-evaluating rather than blaming a loss on something out of your control.


A product of the mental game, communication between teammates means more to Trials than any other Crucible mode. Location and positioning is everything, and knowing where the enemy is at all times is often the only way to succeed. Besides just getting along with your teammates, there are a lot of ways communication comes into play. A ground rule to live by is to keep the chat clear of frustration or unrelated comments. Focus on calling out where the enemy is, where you may have died, or even just announcing where you did get a kill so your teammates know exactly where and when to push. A good callout while dead can make you an extremely valuable asset even if you can’t shoot anyone in the moment.

For more tips and advice on Trials of Osiris in Year 2, be sure to check out our guide!


The Benefits of Playing Other Games

Possibly best known for his appearance at the Red Bull Rift Tournament this past summer, Clout is a Destiny player with a sniping ability that actually comes from a background in Halo. Destiny is a game that keeps players interested for days on end, but every once in awhile a great new game comes out that manages to tear people away for a bit. Clout actually believes that this can be useful, and won’t cause your Destiny skill to deteriorate if you’re still working on applicable skills. Sometimes playing and watching other games can offer a perspective that simply isn’t available with the limited angle of only playing Destiny.


At the Source

That’s it for Crucible Radio this week – get ready for a fun episode next week where the guys return from Bungie headquarters with fun stories and new info on the Crucible, straight from the guys who make the game!