10 taken king tips

10 Tips to Improve Your TTK Experience

Published on: Oct 18, 2015 @ 16:34

Super Good Advice. What started as a name for an underwhelming Exotic machine gun is now a playful take on a Public Service Announcement for the DestinyTheGame subreddit. Destiny’s clever and charitable Guardians present useful tips and tricks to enhance your playing experience with the helpful [SGA] tag, and you get to reap the benefits of their attention to the game.

We’re betting that some of you still are unaware of some of these tips, and so we’ve compiled a list of 10 helpful SGAs since The Taken King has been released. Use these to help you in your ongoing fight against the Darkness!

This new ’10 Tips to Improve Your TTK Experience’ series will highlight at least 10 tips per month.

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10 October Tips

  1. Deathsingers Grimoire are Unlocked by Killing Them in the Last Rites Mission

Reddit User /u/dargon_lover provides this announcement for you Grimoire hunters. While the Deathsingers of King’s Fall are easily dispatched with the right teamwork, for whatever reason, they don’t grant their Grimoire cards when being felled here. Instead, you’ll have to boot up the Last Rites mission and take them on there. It’s a little tricky; if you’re “spotted” when cloaked with Cayde’s device, you’ll be instantly teleported and rooted to the spot, where you’ll almost certainly die instantly.

Instead, take a Sniper Rifle, maintain your distance, and pace your shots for when you fully recover your cloak. With some patience (and a special synth), you’ll be able to kill each of them eventually for their cards.

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  1. Skip a Majority of the Taken War Quests for 310 Artifact

This one comes courtesy of /u/Yination, and is great for those of us with no patience for questing on alts. Rather than going through the entire Taken War questline again, it’s possible to circumvent a few steps to get access to the quest for your precious 310 Artifact much more quickly. We won’t go through the steps here, as they’re outlined very clearly on the thread, but suffice it to say you need a friend with the missions unlocked who’s willing to let you tag along.

With a few specific quest completions, you’ll have unlocked the Road To King’s Fall mission, and be on your way to that 310 Artifact.


  1. Use Other Armor to Unlock the Bone Marrow Shader

Thanks to /u/rawbam, you have a much easier path to the rare Bone Marrow Shader. While it’s normally granted for collecting every piece of Raid armor on one character, rawbam discovered that so long as one of your characters has a piece of armor from any class for helmet, gauntlets, chest armor, and boots in their inventory, Bone Marrow will unlock. It’s still not going to be easy with that Helmet drop rate, but if you frequently run the raid on 3 characters and have been getting bad loot luck, this might just be the tip for you.


  1. Gjallarhorn on Taken Champions

/u/redka243 gives us a reason to keep Gjallarhorn handy. Because of the way scaling functions on enemies at a Y1 Light Level, the mighty Rocket Launcher is still at near full efficacy on a Taken Champion. If you’ve been leveling an alt and are dreading tracking down these monsters while on patrol, it might be time to dip into your vault!

It would be unnecessary with a fireteam, but for those Guardians that are stuck soloing the pesky Champions, Gjallarhorn and a Heavy Synth can be an excellent way to avoid damage with a fire-and-forget tool from a distance. Combine it with a Nightstalker’s tether for a gleeful amount of carnage!


  1. 300 Light for a Chance at 310

This revelation has been circulating widely for a couple of weeks now. DestinyTheGame had /u/Vetchemh2 to thank for putting the information out to the public promptly. The only way to ascend into the upper echelons of Light Level is to take your armor and weapons above 300. One of the best ways to do this is to infuse your unwanted 310 Exotics into your go-to gear.

Of course, in order to do this, you’ll need to have a Light Level > 300 at the moment you decrypt that Exotic. Thanks to this SGA, we know exactly when we can expect a 300+ Exotic to drop – though there’s still always a chance you’ll get a 290.


  1. Low on Heavy? Switch to Sleeper Simulant for 7 Shots

This little exploit works to alleviate some of the ammunition concerns with the Sleeper Simulant, and help you make the most of your Heavy Ammo reserves. If you’ve got one rocket left, or around 7-11 Sword Energy, switching to the Sleeper Simulant will give you a full 7 shots. This is a great way to conserve ammo for lengthy encounters or when you’re just not having luck with those purple Heavy bricks. However, it doesn’t work the other way – so don’t switch unless you know you want to use the Sleeper!

  1. 3 Exotic Sword Quests on Your Character

Dreading the crucible component of the Exotic Sword quest? Not feeling up to killing 50 Majors? Follow the steps outlined in /u/Ecksacutioner’s guide to knock out all three Exotic Swords on just one character. This is a great way to save time by circumventing the maddening hilt-bashing of the Crucible, and is also ideal for those who didn’t plan out their elemental kills with the right character in mind.

For example, Defender Titan’s have a notoriously hard job getting Void kills, but a Voidwalker Warlock with Obsidian Mind scoffs at the challenge. Mix and match accordingly, and plan your encounter with Alak-Hûl carefully, and you’ll be rocking all three in no time.


  1. Infusion Order is Important

Infusion is the primary gating mechanism by which we’re held back from 310, so it’s important to know how to game the system to get the most out of your infusions. With Bungie providing no information on this front, we’re lucky to have users like /u/lordbiro to do the job for us. He points out that the order in which you infuse your higher Light gear into the desirable lower Light gear determines how far it actually ascends.

Essentially, though it might have a more prohibitive material cost, you’ll want to progress in increasing increments (i.e. start with the smallest first). Check out the thread, and another excellent resource in the Infusion Calculator – destinyinfused.com – to familiarize yourself with how best to climb into the 300s.


  1. 6 man Team in Court of Oryx Without Randoms

The Court of Oryx is one of the best ways to grind Artifacts, Weapon Parts, and Crota’s Bane Reputation. The key to success is having a team you can rely on who knows what they’re doing. While Bungie’s somewhat random influx of players into the Hall of Souls across can occasionally be of help, you know you’ll see more success with your friends. Because you can only go into patrol with a 3-man fireteam, /u/Whistler_ and co. devised a clever way of eventually getting the system to “pair” two separate fireteams together.

On PS4 and XBONE, Party Chat will help immensely. Check out his description for the precise means of doing so – just be ready for a little trial and error. If you’re not having any luck, you can also invite anyone in the instance to a party for some collaborative effort. Happy hunting!

  1. Shoot Hammers out of the Air

We couldn’t help but include this one. The Hammer of Sol is a hilariously overpowered Super that has soured many on the Crucible, but what kind of Guardians would we be if we let that deter us from taking them on? /u/TWSGolem has provided fuel for the fire, so to speak, by pointing out that it’s technically possible to shoot a flaming hammer right out of the air. If you have a death wish, or very good aim – or a little bit of both – maybe you’ll be able to stave off death the next time a Sunbreaker comes knocking at your door.

For more PvP discussion, you’ll enjoy the Crucible Radio podcast!

We hope these SGAs have broadened your knowledge of the game. If you have any tips of your own, let us know in the comments!


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